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Drawing Pencils


What can I do to ensure I only erase the smaller details without affecting the area around it?

I don't draw much and can't even call myself an amateur yet. As a result I make a lot of mistakes and also many test strokes when drawing. For small touch ups and mistakes the eraser is my best... more


Should I follow a specific drawing way?

I usually enjoy doing things my own way, as it feels more natural. I recently started to take watercolor lessons(this was probably a mistake) and my teacher said my way of sketching was wrong.For... more


Should I think about selling my drawings? Am I good enough?

I am curious as to whether to think about selling my drawings or not to. The drawings that I have done I've been told look really good and I was wondering about if it would be worth anything. I... more


i'm having trouble drawing anthropomorphic animal heads?

i was asked to draw an anthropomorphic character for someone, but i'm having trouble drawing it's mouth part from an angle, could there be a guide how to do it properly?


Am I going about learning to draw the wrong way?

I've looked at drawing books many times over my life. I've never been able to draw worth crap. Even when I try to doodle all I can seem to do is make geometric shapes.Recently, I acquired some... more


How can I draw realistic hair with pencil?

I've always loved drawing people and my medium of choice has been standard drawing pencils, but I often struggle with hair - specifically long hair. I've come across a couple techniques that have... more


Light fastness in NuPastel?

I am new to pastel drawing. I have a few Nupastels that I purchased a few years ago. I am interested in purchasing more of these, but I read a few posts on the web that Nupastels are not... more

How to put image reference above all windows when drawing in photoshop?

i am drawing in photoshow cs4 in windows7.i am using some image references from google but i have to switch windows to look at them and then back to photoshop. is there a way to put some image... more
Drawing Canvas


How do animators draw graphics at same place in each frame?

Take the example of older days when computer graphics didn't exist like Tom and jerry in 50s or hand drawn animation in Paper Flipbook in modern times .see... more


Trouble with Beziers in Inkscape after switching from Illustrator?

So this is my first post as I just very recently downloaded and tried Inkscape after roughly 7 years of Illustrator. As far as I can say this program is really amazing, although I am struggling... more


How to prepare pencil sketches for printing in a book?

I have a selection of pencil sketches that need to be prepared for print in a book (think standard paperback).I'm trying to work the best way to remove dust, bring the background up to white... more
Drawing Education


Learning how to draw as a web designer?

I'm a web designer with few years of experience, done lots of various projects. I've got some straight graphic design experience as well, but never been expanding some territories. People who like... more


How to become comic strip artist?

I have not any artist education, but I'm interested in drawing, especially in comic strip's drawing. Where can I find information, materials about this drawing for beginners?


Zoom-in and then while drawing shape zoom-out?

How can I zoom-out when zoomed-in at a certain percentage, while drawing a shape. That means after I've clicked on the canvas, and start drawing, but have not released the mouse. Thanks.
Drawing Painting


Does anyone know how to add color to a piece of art (paint, ink, art)?

I know this is an odd question, but I get really confused and frustrated when I try to add color to something I draw. I don't ever get any farther than line art because I get confused as to how to... more


Is it possible to combine charcoal and graphite in one image?

Im drawing an image with quite a large range of tones and I plan to draw the darker tones in charcoal. However I used a graphite pencil for the preparatory drawing. Is it still possible to draw... more
Drawing 3d Modeling


Is it necessary to be good at drawing, to develop good 3D digital design skills for modeling and animation?

I want to make 3D animation films. Not as hi-fi as Disney and Pixar of course, but as close to them as an indie animator can get. I'm good (not enviable, just plain good) at drawing things on paper... more

Illustrator: is it possible to use brush pressure without a tablet?

Is it possible to use **brush pressure** in Adobe Illustrator using a mouse only, not any external devices like drawing tablets?I asked because I cant change the "pressure" in the brush tool settings. more

Software to draw shapes in plain text file (ASCII/Unicode)?

Sometimes I need to draw simple shapes into plain text documentation file. What application can do this? Last time I've used such an app under MS-DOS :) (It was called **Flow** or something like... more
Drawing Color Pens


What are requirements for ballpoint/rollerball colour pens for art-grade drawing?

Some days ago I saw incredible coloured pen-drawings in some exhibition. I would like to try this medium myself. But before buying some pens I would like to get some requirements for... more


From a CAD model to an Illustration drawing. How to?

I am trying to draw the best illustration I can for a user manual.I have a CAD drawing in .STP and I would like to get some simple illustations in .AI or .EPS or .SVG I tried to export the... more
Drawing Erasers


What are the different kinds of erasers used in graphite drawing?

When you are drawing you inevitably make mistakes. Erasing therefore is a large part of drawing. Not just for mistakes either. They can aid in shading and detail work, like hair, and other fine... more
Drawing Pencil Shading


On what factors does choosing pencil shading technique depend?

There are different types of shading techniques like criss cross, straight lines, circular shading, blending, scribbling, and dot shading (drawing dots close to each other).Of course there are not... more


Approximating path with shapes?

Let's say I have a triangle that I drew with a pen so it's not perfect. I then upload it to illustrator and image trace it into a vector. It's now clean but still not perfect. Is there a way to... more
Drawing Art Skills Family


Why am I the only one in my family with Artistic skills?

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