Alaska G.

asked • 04/04/21

My art isn't improving.

Before we begin, id like to make a few things clearer.

my art, in terms of where I want it to be, absolutely sucks.

I'm not looking for "just keep drawing I believe in you" comments.

I prefer if you answer this, you have broken through a similar "wall".

This is a discussion, any and all opinions are welcome.

anyway now that we passed those guidelines, its time to get to the real discussion.

I have been drawing for over 6-7 years now (I know its not a lot), and for the last two years I picked up digital art.

I started by of course, along side my art, learn anatomy and gesture drawings---which at first really made my drawings look better.

I was trying to study the realistic-cartoon shading style, like "League of Legends" is known for, or more exaggerated artists such as "Miles-df" (*if you google him watch out, he has some nsfw).

now as I said, I studied anatomy, and realistic shading and the such to make sure I know how to draw realistic stuff first like everyone suggests.

but then, for the past six-seven months, I have been getting nowhere. My art by no means got any better, and not even my line-art, which I worked on for months, has stabilized.

Please keep in mind, I have been following many, highly rated, digital art courses that I paid for, not including YT tutorials. and they helped--at first.

right now I'm in a state of constant disappointment. I rarely get the creative side of me nudging at me to start a new drawing anymore, and even when I do get the need to express myself, I draw for about 15 min, before wanting to punch a wall and throw away my tablet.

I love art. But I don't know what to do anymore. I'm just lost.

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Alex R. answered • 04/22/21

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Math and English Tutor with Test Prep Specialties

Bethelihem G. answered • 04/09/21

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I'm an avaricious learner and would like to impart what I know.

Annie S. answered • 04/09/21

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I teach art at the elementary school level, and I am an artist myself.

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