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Does grid drawing help with drawing from imagination?

I've taken art classes in high/middle school where I did a couple of grid drawings and I've even done a couple on my own. I also had an art class in college last semester and everyone there loved... more
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How do I stop my finished pencil picture from smudging?

I swear, I have been drawing for years yet i still cant figure this one out. How exactly do i stop my finished pencil picture from smudging? I would appreciate anyone's help or ideas to the situation. more
Portrait Drawing Drawing


How to draw a head from all angles from imagination?

I've been drawing portraits for some time, both realistic and stylized. I can draw from imagination for profile, 3/4 and face-forward views. But I want to be able to draw from imagination all... more
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How to start a pencil portrait without using an outline of features?

I enjoy drawing head portraits in pencil, but I've found that sketching an outline of the prominent features often lead me astray. For example, due to shadows my eye is sometimes approximating the... more
Portrait Drawing Drawing Pencils


How can I draw realistic hair with pencil?

I've always loved drawing people and my medium of choice has been standard drawing pencils, but I often struggle with hair - specifically long hair. I've come across a couple techniques that have... more

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