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Buying Electronic Version of Old Masterpieces (paints and famous art works)

I searched a lot to buy a CD or DVD collections contain most (if not all) of the masterpieces and famous museum arts works and sculpture works. Where to buy and what to buy?Appreciate your kind... more


Man is the measure of all things

How is Protagoras's statement Man is the measure of all things embodied in Classical Greek sculpture? Why did Greek sculptors take such an intense interest in the heroic male nude figure?


Water added to ink is known as a wash true or false


How did the Ancient Greek and Roman masters study art?


What is the relationship between Impressionism and subjectivity in art?

Did the impressionists make 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' popular? I saw a youtube video that claims this but I'm not sure if its true.. I looked up impressionism movements and I couldnt... more


What would be examples of Principle of Alternation, other than chiaroscuro?

I watched [this video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPjAmKc7bFg) of Online Art Academy about Design Principle of Alternation, where alternating light and dark is used to add rhythm, interest and... more


Why are there no photorealistic paintings from the old days?

As proven by many recent examples, some people can develop their drawing skill to such a level as to produce drawings that are difficult to distinguish from photographs. Yet much of historical art... more


Is the Mona Lisa an impressionist painting?


What is the saddest work of art ever created?


Who were the best German artists between WWI and WWII?


Greco-Roman art VS European art

What is the difference between Greco-roman art based on classical myth and European art based on classical myth? how can i tell the difference?
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