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How do I draw a one-point-perspective?


How to create a balanced visual composition?

Art History


Explain why Leonardo da Vinci was such an important figure during the Italian Renaissance Period.

What did he contribute?
Art History


Why was Christ as the Good Shepherd an effective way of educating Romans on Christ?

Image: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lmjf1QfTDcY/UuHMN2OIDGI/AAAAAAAAAIk/EMEZdjYJviU/s1600/The-Good-Shepherd-Catacomb-of-Callixtus-mid-3rd-century.jpgAnswer in 8-10 sentences.
Art History


What does Carel willink artwork say about social economic or political culture of the world they lived in?

I can’t find anything about this
Art History


The transept of a cathedral was…

a) the bell tower                                                         b) the portalc) where the cross transverses                                 d) where they kept the icons
Art History


The new giant stained glass that was to enlighten the cathedral was put in a specific spot, this was..

a) triforum                    b) the groin vault                        c) the royal crypt                    d) façade portal
Art History


Flying buttresses were added to do all of the following EXCEPT…

a)  allow for higher taller, thinner wallsb)  allow for more stained glass to be put into the wallsc)   to help architects cover their butts when they saw cracks developing in already built... more

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Why you think African-American soldiers showed such resiliency in combat in battles like New Market and Fort Wagner? 
Art History


Answer the question

Arts served people with many purposes. Arts are useful tools in delivering information. They are also good references of our culture and tradition. On a personal level, how arts have helped you?... more


chinese art history 1900 - present

explain how the following helped transform and/or  modernize China’s art in the early 20th century in a few sentences a. Art journals and manhua b. Dunhuang c. Japan d. Euro-American styles of... more


What do i have to learn for my entrance in university if i choose fine arts as my stream?

I am gonna graduate my high school so i wanna get into fine arts batch this year and i still don't know what to do. Help me if u read this question(●’◡’●)ノ
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I need help with these questions

How did the ancient world conceive the figure of the poet? Why does poetry enjoy a personalized status when it was with painting and sculpture?
Art History


What's the style in Star Wars called?

Where futurism meets ancient elements. Like a laser sword. Swords are from the medieval times while laser is future. Palaces where robots are fighting. Princesses that use holograms etc
Art History


Please what choice is corresct

Many things are used by historians to understand preliterate life and culture, including art. Which example is from a preliterate people?a. Ziggurat at Ur b. Palette of Narmerc. Hall of Bulls d.... more
Art History


The God's-eye view was favored by artists working in which style?

Art History


derive meaning from an artwork

What are the important things the viewer or audience must consider to derive meaning from the artwork?
Art History Art Art architecture


How would you incorporate Brutalist Architecture and city planning into a large plot of land that you recently inherited?

A new premium property law allows you to place your plot of land for development, adjacent to any major city in the United States.
Art History Art


Why would Abstract Expressionism be considered a celebration of self?

Art History


what are the similarities of neoclassical, romanticism, and realist art

what are the characteristics that are similar to the three of them
Art History


Explain the study plan in a medieval university.

Art History


Characterize scholasticism as a new model of knowledge.

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