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How can I prevent my drawings and paper from yellowing over time?

Some paper just yellows over time, especially if left out somewhere where it sees sunlight.Acid-free paper is a partial solution, but not terribly budget-friendly.Is there something else I can do... more
Paper Drawing


What's the difference between drawing paper and regular paper?

Supply stores sell drawing paper, sketching paper, and all sorts of bound pads and books of the same.What makes this paper different than regular notebook or printer paper? How is it better suited... more


Which kind of paper should be selected for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors?

Type of paper may have an effect on the medium of drawing used.Which kind of paper should be preferred for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors, respectively? Also, please mention the standard... more

Who first made paper?


How strong lighting should I have in a studio where I work with only paper and pen?

I have a studio where I never use a computer. I only work with paper and pencils. How strong lighting (how many Lux) should I aim for if only using ceiling lights (LED at 6000K)?Is 1000 Lux enough?... more


What markers are like sharpies without the fumes?

My 5-year-old's gotten really into drawing all kinds of things with sharpies, but the smell is pretty awful (and mildly unhealthy). What marker has the look-and-feel without the fumes. The... more


How can I draw right angles with just a ruler?

If I am trying to draw a rectangle or square on a piece of paper I can use existing corners of the paper as a start point. However I lose accuracy when completing the square or shape on the inside... more


When writing on paper, how do you move things about?

I am amazed thinking how people used to write before the computer ever came about. Before that, everyone was forced to write on paper. I'd very much like to write on paper but my ideas come in a... more


Katie buying paper

Katie is buying packages of construction paper. In each package there are 6 white sheets and 18 colored sheets. How many colored sheets does he buys 14 white sheets?

I really need help! Is this a good start to my "What is an American" paper?

A true American is under attack more than it ever has been. A true American not only loved his or hers country, but is loyal, trust worthy and fights for America. 1. An American that loves America... more


a piece of paper 0.001in thick is cut in half

a piece of paper 0.001in thick is cut in half, and the two halves are placed one on top of the other. The stack of two is then cut in half, and one pile is placed on top of the other to create a... more

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