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Given the vertices of a triangle PQR, P (3, -2, 7), Q (2, 2, -3) and R (1, 1, 2), define the coordinate of point S that will create a right isosceles triangle with right angle at P.

The hints given are: Use point Q as one of the corners. Point P will be the vertex/90 degree angle corner. The magnitude of PS and PQ should be perpendicular and have the same magnitude. --I have... more


Plotting a 3D rectangle, with vertex starting at the origin, from a list of dimensions.

Hi,I have been struggling to find a resource that I truly understand and that is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm currently learning python, but working on it for my senior research project.So, I... more


What is the Japanese word for a 3D character artist/modeller?

If I were looking for a Japanese manga artist, I would use the Japanese characters for the word "mangaka." I need the Japanese word and characters for a word that means "3D character artist" or "3D... more


Python/matplotlib : plotting a 3d cube, a sphere and a vector?

I search how to plot something with less instruction as possible with matplotlib but I don't find any help for this in the documentation. I want to plot the following things: - a wireframe cube... more


What's the best way to calculate a 3D (or n-D) centroid?

As part of a project at work I have to calculate the centroid of a set of points in 3D space. Right now I'm doing it in a way that seems simple but naive -- by taking the average of each set of... more

Can you create a VR video that makes use of positional tracking?

To my understanding there are basically 4 types of video:1. Ordinary 2D videos - these can be viewed by pretty much any device that has a screen2. 360 videos - these can be viewed by any... more

Is there a rating of the 3D-ness of a 3D movie?

If things aren't thrown in my face during a 3D movie, I feel somewhat disappointed. I also appreciate the use of 3D to enhance a wide-angle shot, a humorous close-up, give a subtle sense of depth,... more
3d Drawing


Is it possible to create 3D red/cyan anaglyphs in a hand drawing?

There are plenty tutorials online on how to create 3D red/cyan anaglyphs from existing photos in Photoshop or similar software.However, I'm wondering if it is possible to draw a 3D image by hand on... more

How are older movies post-converted to 3D?

I went to see Hugo in 3D today, and beforehand there was a trailer for the upcoming re-release of Titanic in 3D. I must say, I was impressed.How much of the conversion to 3D of a movie that was... more


How is 2D movie created from 3D?

There is a lot of 3D movies out there in these days, but they are also released in 2D (dvd, blu-ray, ...). I think, they are originally captured as 3D movies (with stereo camera). So each frame has... more


Is it necessary to be good at drawing, to develop good 3D digital design skills for modeling and animation?

I want to make 3D animation films. Not as hi-fi as Disney and Pixar of course, but as close to them as an indie animator can get. I'm good (not enviable, just plain good) at drawing things on paper... more


How we will find out the perpendicular distance of top most point of a tetrahedron from it's triangular base??

Please answer this question in 3d method  

How to find the height of a tetrahedron?

A regular tetrahedron has edges of 5cm each. How high is it?   Please explain how to find the answer to this question. Thanks :)

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