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What is the IUPAC nomenclature of alkane with large numbers of C atoms (more than 200)?

What is the IUPAC nomenclature for alkanes with large numbers of $\\ce{C}$ atoms (more than 200)? For example, what is the IUPAC accepted name for $\\ce{C_{205}H_{412}}$?


What is the difference between a protein and a factor?

In terms of nomenclature/semantics, why are some proteins named proteins, and some named factors?I've been revising on eukaryotic DNA, and I've come across some proteins that seem to serve roughly... more


Can you have a meta stereocenter?

Imagine a compound such as 1,3-dibromo-1,2,3-trichloropropane. Since the first and third carbons are attached to four different groups, they are both chiral centers. Assuming that both of these... more


Correctness of writing H3C as opposed to CH3 in a carbon chain?

I have been studying alkanes, alkenes & alkynes for a while, and I see in the examples that all the basic structural formulas start with $\\ce{CH3}$, then $\\ce{CH2}$, and the last carbon atom... more
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Hominidae is to hominid as Poaceae is to what?

I considered asking this on English. SE, but decided against it, since it strictly applies to biological nomenclature, which not many of them will know about - particularly that of plants. So, in... more


What is the difference between polyethene and polyethane?


What is called the "area size that an animal usually lives in"?

What is called the "area size that an animal usually lives in" or "needs for a normal life"? Is there any specific term?
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What determines whether a step in a reaction is reversible?

What makes a step in a reaction not reversible? I'm learning all these mechanisms and having to memorize which steps are reversible. Is there a way to figure out whether it's reversible or not?


What is the difference between hydroxyl, hydroxide and hydroxy?

Is there any difference between hydroxide, hydroxyl, and hydroxy used in chemistry or are they all the same?



Answer in the book was 3-carboxy-3-hydroxypentanedicarboxylic acid

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