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Is this sonnet in iambic pentameter?

I can’t be with you, not another night Even nothing makes something more than you My freedom, leaving you, my only light A window, glass, with no way to come through The way I had felt towards you... more
Poetry Literature


What is the meaning behind Matthew Arnold’s poem, “The Buried Life”?

In other words, what is the overall significance or import of the poem.


I need help with this!!

I need to create a Haiku that relationates to my class which is is Theatre any Ideas?
Poetry English Poem


what is the tone, theme, word choice, and style of "El Peligro" by Stuart Dybek

please provide evidence. Fire ran horrifiedfrom its ashes.In the afterglow,cinematic shadows fledfrom flesh and blood.Scars appeared,followed years laterby their wounds.Blinks of reddinged... more
Poetry English


What poetic sound effect is used in this line?

And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the sideWhat poetic sound effect is used in this line?


 Is Poe’s “unity of effect” effective in “The Black Cat”?

 Is Poe’s “unity of effect” effective in “The Black Cat”? Possible thesis statement: Write a potential thesis statement. Remember, this is your “so what” of your essay. Topic Sentence 1: What... more


Has Robert Frost ever written a poem that doesn't rhyme?

I know a few of Robert Frost's poems, though I'm not an expert, and I've noticed that they all have long and elaborate rhyme schemes. Is this true for all of his poems? Has he ever written a poem... more
Poetry English Meaning


What are the "mind-forged manacles"?

From "London", a short poem in William Blake's *Songs of Experience* collection ([free to read online](> In every cry of every man, In... more
Poetry English Myths


Are Endymion and Hyperion by John Keats intended to be related pieces?

Hyperion and Endymion are poems by the famous poet John Keats, both based on Greek mythology.Hyperion talks about the Titan's despairing after their defeat by the Olympians, and was written in... more
Poetry English Myths


Major differences between Norse epic poetry and English epic poetry?

I'm reading J.R.R. Tolkien's *The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún* and the commentary talks a little bit about differences between Old Norse and Old English epic poetry:> But Old English... more


What is the distinction between Imagism and Symbolism as poetic movements?

I have recently been reading about symbolism and imagism and they seem to me to be connected in that they were in some ways the opposite of each other, one being the movement to add greater... more


Why is the moon "angry" in e e cummings' "the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls"?

The e e cummings poem "the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls" mocks the titular ladies for their small-minded domesticity. The last four lines read:> .... the Cambridge ladies do not... more


Why is the robin "sobbing"?

Blake's "The Blossom", part of his *Songs of Innocence* [which you can read online](, is a very short poem about a sparrow and a robin. The... more

Why are some people dissatisfied with the titling of "The Red Wheelbarrow"?

I have read that many critics have been dissatisfied with the modern titling of XXII from *Spring and All* by William Carlos Williams as "The Red Wheelbarrow". Neil Easterbrook was displeased with... more


What does "And others, whose breasts love the feel of scapulars," mean in Baudelaire's "Damned Women"?

> Et d'autres, dont la gorge aime les scapulaires,> > Qui, recélant un fouet sous leurs longs vêtements,> > Mêlent, dans le bois sombre et les nuits solitaires,> > L'écume du... more


Did Poe plagiarise someone else's work when writing "The Raven"?

I've read that Poe's been accused of lifting significant elements from many authors including Elizabeth Barrett, Charles Dickens, Leo Penzoni, and Thomas Holley Chivers (and "unknown," of course).... more


When and why did the practice of reading "Address to a Haggis" at Burns Night dinner originate?

Many people and institutions around the world hold [Burns suppers]( on or close to Burns Night, 25 January. Part of these events is the traditional... more


Why was Welsh nationalist poet RS Thomas so critical of the Welsh people?

Welsh poet R.S. Thomas was an ardent Welsh nationalist and advocate for independence. Although a native English speaker he learned and conversed in Welsh, although he never felt fluent enough to... more


How is 'flash fiction' a distinctive genre?

***Flash Fiction*** is an umbrella term used to describe any fictional work of extreme brevity, including the *Six-Word Story*, *140-character stories* (also known as 'twitterature'), *the dribble*... more
Poetry Literature Title


Why is this poem by Paul Auster entitled "Spokes"?

The poem "Spokes" by Paul Auster (of which you can read the first few verses [here](, or the whole poem... more
Poetry Literature Meter


What is the metrical style of Hungarian poetry?

While [reading about]( Hungarian poetry, I [came... more
Poetry Literature Meter


Significance of rising/falling meter?

If I am analyzing a poem and I realize that it has rising meter, what does that say about the poem. Like do happy tone poems have rising meters whereas sad poems have falling meter?


Do the poisons in "Ode on Melancholy" have deeper meaning?

In "Ode on Melancholy", Keats uses the images of three poisons in the first stanza: Wolf's bane, nightshade, and yew-berries. Are these poisons simply meant to connote death/suicide, or might they... more


What do the "mirror" and the "lake" represent in "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath?

In ["Mirror" by Sylvia Plath](, the speaker in the poem says,> Now I am a lake.But, also at times implies that the speaker is a mirror.... more


What's the point of the sandy beach in "A Dream Within a Dream"?

The main thrust of Edgar Allan Poe's poem ["A Dream Within a Dream"]( concerns the existential angst of the narrator, and his... more
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