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How can we overcome the challenges of speaking on video?

Speaking without a live audience providing us with visual and verbal feedback can be a challenge. How do we stay focused, know we're on track, and remain interesting while on camera?


which one is device

what are the rhetorical devices sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Can rhetoric lead us to the Truth about an objective reality?

Be sure to define your terms: rhetoric, Truth, and objective reality. And, consider the ideas of two or more rhetorical theories when answering this question.


What are the punctuation rules for two pieces of direct speech in a single sentence?

Please help me with the punctuation rules for sentences with two pieces of direct speech within quotes, with the following as example. > “It’s fun to get out on a Sunday and race,” said... more


Punctuation within quotes?

When I was at school I was told that a quote should end with a comma. For example: > "The car is on the road," said Tom. "No it isn't," replied Dick. "He's right — it's over there!" said... more


Listening understanding problems when something is said "out-of-context"?

I have studied in UK since I was 15. I have now been here for around 8 years. I have never noticed that I have any issues with language until I started working full-time. I am very used to academic... more


Polite/professional alternative to 'It turns out'?

I have been tasked with coming up with a nicer phrase to use than 'It turns out'. It is to be used in situations like this one: > - 'It turns out' that we cannot... - 'It turns out' that we... more


Mystery behind silent letters?

I have doubts about words in the English language that have a silent letter. So I want to know how to understand whether a letter is silent or not.


Log a ticket or Lodge a ticket?

I am not a native English speaker. I work in IT and we have a kind of ticketing system to track reported issues. I am not sure whether it is correct to ask people to file a ticket by saying... more


What one should reply to - "Can I talk to Jeremy?"?

> **Situation** I receive a call caller asked me;" Can I talk to Jeremy?" What is correct reply and What should I respond to this situation with. > 1. *he has gone for lunch.* > 2. *he... more


What is the appropriate phrase to say if two people are on the same track?

I am sharing my understanding regarding a particular matter with a colleague just to make sure that both of we have same understanding. This is just to avoid any conflict or confusion among us.... more


What's another way to say "which station should I get off?"?

In the context of "Which station should I get off?" (asked when you're on the train), what would be another way to say this, without using "get off" (which has other connotations) and still... more


Is this worded correctly if it was spoken in an interview?

I am like a clean slate. I do not have any preconceived notions about how the company runs


The word "dear" in public speech?

I am a member of a Toastmaster club in the Czech republic where people work on their public speaking skills. It is a usual to open a speech by > Dear fellow Toastmasters, dear guests,... It is... more


Oscar needs to understand that X is highly unlikely?

A little scenario: > Bobs computer is behaving weird, so he asks Alice about it. > Alice thinks Bob has a virus, she gets help from Oscar, who tells them to run an anti virus scan. >... more


Use of the word 'relishing'?

Recently when talking to a friend about the lack of elevators in Asia he told me. > You should be relishing stairs As a native English speaker the use of the word 'relishing' here sounded... more


What's the difference between will and going to?

I have no idea what the difference between these are. I have heard that they have the same meaning, but how do they?


What's the correct way to write drawn-out vowels?

How should I denote drawn-out vowels in English? If I have a character with speech disorder or with a very unique accent, what is the correct way to express, in written form, this quirk of their... more


Is there a word that means news or delivering news or searching for news that starts with "s"?

I am looking for a word that means news or related to news that starts with "s". Are there such words? Thanks.


Punctuating a quote of multiple answers?

Consider the following: 'The lecturer asked the students a question. A chorus of "yes"es was heard.' I know that the second sentence is incorrectly punctuated, but am not sure how to sort it out.... more


Should the abbreviation 'i.e.' be used in speech?

I often hear people use the abbreviation 'i.e.' while speaking. It does not seem right to me. Similarly with 'e.g.' — I would always say 'for example' rather than 'e.g.'. So is it appropriate to... more


So, in connected speech, we can only connect A with B if A is "a strong or weak word" & B is "a weak word", right?

I discovered this rule in connected speech. I asked this question many times but seem no one has a proper answer. See this saying at **11:45** in [this... more


Present perfect continuous?

I want to know about origin and duration and present perfect continuous change into past simple,by using origin and duration. For example, >she started playing the trumpet two years... more
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