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What sort of Spanish experience have you had? What stands out about your teaching approach?

Tell more about your Background, Reach, and Approach. Provide description of your educator strategy and/or example(s) of impact on student/pupil success.


How should I prepare for a speech?

I know what I want to say, but I'm nervous to get in front of people.
Speech English Essay


TASK: Speech Writing. You may attach your written speech in word or pdf format. You may also directly type in the text box. (make sure to follow the basic standards in writing an essay).

TASK: Speech Writing. You may attach your written speech in word or pdf format. You may also directly type in the text box. (make sure to follow the basic standards in writing an essay).Write a... more

Some unique topics for an informative presentation and one for a persuasive essay.

So, I have this assignment for my speech class where I have to come up with one informative presentation and one persuasive presentation. The informative presentation is one where providing the... more


How much do accent reduction lessons costs?



Can I use strategies to make my speech more clear, without losing my accent?

Yes! Accents and speech are part of our culture, family and lifestyle. My goal is to help those who have challenges being understood speak with more clarity, to be better understood and ultimately... more

What does "It is always the heart that sees, before the head can see."- Thomas Carlyle mean?

I get too confused with this quote and what does it trying to convey, I somehow find it very similar to H. Jackson Brown's "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye", but I am not... more


HELP I am stuck on these questions

HELP I CAN'T find EXAMPLES This is for speech class. I need to find… 1. Give an example of a controversy over fact? 2. Give an example of a controversy over belief? 3. Give an example of a... more


Write a speech on can Google replace teachers

Speech English


Write an introduction for the outline on pg. 27 utilizing the outline ​provided on pg. 27 in textbook

IntroductionI. Your physical movements talk for you.A. They tell secrets about you.B. They tell what kind of person you are.C. I will discuss the behavior we call body language.


The sum of 3 times a number plus -7 is 14. What is the number?


Help please *Informative speech* public speaking

I need a topic for an informative speech.My teacher said that the topic must fall in one of the 3 categories1.object2.event3.conceptI chose food culture but I don't know if it falls into one of the... more


What is an elevator pitch?

This is about presenting yourself.


Becoming conversational in Spanish

How long will it take for me to become conversational in Spanish?


How can we overcome the challenges of speaking on video?

Speaking without a live audience providing us with visual and verbal feedback can be a challenge. How do we stay focused, know we're on track, and remain interesting while on camera?

What is the Syntax of this excerpt from The Crisis Speech by Carrie Chapman Catt? What was the goal of this Speech and how does the syntax in this excerpt help to achieve that goal?

"The object of the life of an organized movement is to secure its aim. Necessarily, it must obey the law of evolution and pass through the stages of agitation and education and finally through the... more


which one is device

what are the rhetorical devices sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Can rhetoric lead us to the Truth about an objective reality?

Be sure to define your terms: rhetoric, Truth, and objective reality. And, consider the ideas of two or more rhetorical theories when answering this question.

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