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The mean. The median. The quartiles. An stem and leaf diagram.

Part 1: Explain briefly, in the context of statistical analysis, what is: 1. The mean 2. The median 3. The quartiles 4. An stem and leaf diagram Hint: you can use examples, give descriptions,... more


Big Ideas Online 10.5

You randomly choose one of the tiles. Without replacing the first tile, you choose a second tile. What is the probability of the compound event? Write your answer as a fraction or percent rounded... more


maths, find two algebraic methods

Four cousins who share the same birthday, David, Frederica, Mary and Laurent each receive a fish tank as a birthday present that contain two types of fish, swordtails and angelfish. There is a... more


Averaging percentages

How do you find the average for 3 percentages?


Rank in order (Highest to Lowest) change in operating expenses from year 1 to year 2

Question: Rank in order from highest (1) to lowest (5) in terms of the change in operating expensesKey: m = millionoperating expenses:A - year1=12.8m & year2=9.9mB - year1=25.1m &... more


need help with math word problem

A group of friends are enjoying the hot weather by spending some time at the beach. Some of the friends are in the water swimming, and the rest are lounging on the sand. One of the friends in the... more


What is 128.1 as a percentage of 91.5.

Numbers 2 4


math question that i dont understand

The length of the longer leg of a right triangle is 5 feet less than 3 times the length of the shorter leg.  The length of the hypotenuse is 13 feet less than 6 times the length of the shorter... more


Give me 4 digits combination of numbers ??

Give me 4 digits combination of numbers when u add up all 4 digits it should come number 6 .Ex: 1) 2310 i.e. 2+3+1+0=6 2)4110 i.e 4+1+1+0=6I want this for registration of new car

When does thousand turn into thousands?

My boyfriend and I are arguing whether *thousands of miles* means 1000+ or 2000+ miles. The first argument is that 1000+ is over 1000 and therefore 'thousands of miles' by rounding up. The other... more

Is 20 dollars here a direct object or a predicate complement? 'This book cost me 20 dollars.'?

In this sentence:> This book cost me 20 dollars.Is *20 dollars* a direct object or a predicative complement?


How many 3-digit numbers can you make with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5?

I need help on this...

The shortest path between two integers by adding or subtracting?

You are given two integers a and b. You want to find the shortest sequence of operations necessary to transform a into b, where at each step you are allowed to add or subtract 5, 7, or 12. For... more
Numbers Prealgebra


Write a numerical expression to match the word expression.

Three less than one-third of the product of nine fourths and twelve


“einen Tag alt” – Why is it “einen” not “ein”?

I’m studying numbers and age expressions, and here is the sentence I don’t understand: > Dieses Baby ist einen Tag alt. I thought *ein Tag* is right but it wasn’t. Why? I assumed that... more
Numbers Math Calculus Matlab


creating random numbers that favor smaller numbers?

say i generated a set of random numbers and put them into an array, (pre-sorted for simplicity) i'll use javascript to show the math: var vals = new... more


How are numerals written in Arabic?

How are multi-digit numbers written in Arabic?For example, if someone wanted to write 123, would they write "321" from the right or in some other way?
Numbers Elementary Math


In the number 53.436, how many times is the place value of the digit 3 to the right of the digit 4 to that of the digit 3 to the left of the digit 4?

In the number 53.436, how many times is the place value of the digit 3 to the right of the digit 4 to that of the digit 3 to the left of the digit 4?


American vs. British English: meaning of "One hundred and fifty"?

I've noticed that Americans do not say "and" when speaking numbers: for example, 150 would be pronounced "one hundred fifty". I and most other British-English speakers would pronounce it "one... more
Numbers Esl/esol Speech


Is there a standard for speaking "1500" as "one thousand five hundred" versus "fifteen hundred"?

I was asked by a French colleague, and had no clear answer, whether it's more correct to say "One thousand five hundred" or "fifteen hundred" when speaking the number 1500. Putting aside how we say... more
Numbers Reading


How to label a digit according to its position in a number?

Let's say there is some number like 12345. In Konglish (Korean English), I can label 3 as the *hundred's position number* and 5 as the *one's position number*. I don't think this is correct... more
Numbers Esl/esol Speech


How to read Figure xx.x or Section xx.x?

I wonder that whether there is a special reading way pertaining to American or British. For example, > Figure 12.3 shows a paused video touched on in Section 2.10 with the > width, height,... more

How would you say "0.4 - 1g?"?

Assuming I don't want to say "zero point four grams to one gram," would it be: "zero point four to one gram" or "zero point four to one gram**s**" or neither? I'm leaning towards the second... more

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