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Hi, My question is, what companies make film studios professionally?

I want to start a professional film studio with all the latest equipment and new facilities, I do not mean a home film studio, I intend to use it to make cinema movies.
Film History


Please help me think of topics!!!

In normal text, these are the directions I was given...The dilemma I have is choosing a topic, I have not idea what I should pick.... I emailed my teacher asking about the Trial of Chicago 7 and he... more

Film and Media Arts Challenge

Analyze Film and Media Arts' development and discover where Media Arts may go in the future. 


The Male Gaze in 2020

Has "The Male Gaze," an expression coined by Laura Mulvey in her essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema," become completely obsolete in today's media? Why or why not?


How does "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" impact as a feminist study?

"Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" by Laura Mulvey.Course name: Literature in Film and Media.


Write a presentation script on "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" by Laura Mulvey.

Essay Review on "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema"


What movie has a scene with a woman slowing going into the ocean/sea from the beach and then diving into the water?

I really need this kind of scene for one of my school projects, but searched everywhere and not able to find it...Though I clearly remember seeing something similar in a movie. Can anyone help,... more
Film Writing


How do I begin to write a novel or screenplay?



What are three examples of how the songs or dance numbers enhance/move the plot forward in Grease?

What are three examples of how the songs or dance numbers enhance/move the plot forward in Grease?i need to know as I don’t know how to answer this question.


Volcano Movie Science

Discuss at least five different instances where the film’s script used science as a plot point in the film Volcano.


How did the genie change the most in the movie Aladdin?


true or false question

By 1931, nearly 85 percent of America's twenty thousand theaters accommodated silent films (sound pictures).

What characteristics tie anime styles together?

Anime seems to be a broad subject, but it also tends to be fairly easy to identify something as anime, even if it is dubbed very well. The only exception that I can personally think of where it's... more


How much of a film's revenue comes from its cinema release?

Very often when a film's success is being judged, its opening few weeks takings are considered. However many films and franchises also generate revenue from DVD/BluRay sales and merchandise.What... more


Why is the first episode of a TV show called 'Pilot'?

What is the meaning of the word 'Pilot', as used for the first episode of a TV-show, implied here? Does it have anything to do with a smooth take-off?

How are the best director award winners chosen?

I do not understand how the best director awards are determined each year. It seems impossible to assess the method of a movie director unless you are part of the crew.So, how do the... more


What is it called when a movie breaks the illusion of fantasy?

What is it called when a movie breaks the illusion of fantasy? For example, a character talks to the camera or otherwise breaks character so the movie violates the illusion of the fiction.


Is there a term to describe this plot characteristic?

I've watched shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob, etc. wherein each episode feels somewhat disconnected. In shows like Arrow, The Flash, and others, each episode builds up to a series... more


Do movie actors/actresses dub their scenes after shooting or do they use the audio that is in the scene?

Do they record the audio separately? Or is it all taken in one shot?I think I remember watching some cheap indie films whose audio and video, particularly the speaking of the actors, are not very... more

What exactly is 70mm print and why does anyone care?

There has been a bit of controversy lately over the release of Tarantino's *Hateful Eight* movie. As I understand it, the movie was scheduled to play in a particular theater in Los Angeles that... more


Do actors performing stunts have to take substance test?

We all know that some actors are known to abuse alcohol or drugs in their free time. Considering some of them choose to perform certain stunts without a sub, I would imagine they could impose a... more

How do streaming services earn money?

Netflix and Prime are (I think) the two leading competitors in streaming services. Both services are releasing original movies and shows which are exclusively available in their platform. But... more


Customs and decisions on putting bloopers in end credits?

Who decides whether to put bloopers in end credits?I sort of feel like *any* comedy should pepper the end credits with bloopers, gags, or outtakes. I love them. Is there an industry view on the... more

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