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Basic Physics (Work, Power and Energy - Law of Conservation)

Good day to everyone, I would like to request a help from this one. Please do provide a detailed step-by-step, explanation and a clear final answer. A passenger in the airport pushes a 53-kg... more


Physics and the Work Energy Theorem

A squirrel hops in a sled at 3.5 m/s and goes down a snow bank. The squirrel slides down the hill at a total linear distance of 6.5m. There is 1.3 N of kinetic friction force between the sled and... more


a horizontal cylindrical boiler 6 ft. in diameter is half full of water.

find the force on one end.


You are pushing a large box across a frictionless.....(IN THE DESCRIPTION)

You are pushing a large box across a frictionless floor by applying a constant horizontal force. If the box starts at rest, you have to do work W_1 in order for the box to travel a distance d in... more


Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend,...... (IN THE DESCRIPTION)

Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend, who is seated at the other side of the table, 0.400 m m north and... more


A jet of mass 4,277 kg lands on an airstrip, stopping after a distance of 727 m and has an initial landing speed of 29 m/s.

What is the work done, in Joules, by non-conservative forces to stop the jet?


does this argumentive essay look good? it is about euthanasia (the right to die)

 The argument I have picked is Euthanasia. An argument against the right to die. I don't see how my case proves against undoing attention. I do not draw any conclusion on the argument. The... more


A projectile of mass 5.0 kg is shot

A projectile of mass 5.0 kg is shot horizontally with an initial speed of 17 m/s from a height of 25.0 m above a flat desert surface. For the instant before the projectile hits the surface,... more
Work Physics


work in physics

1.(a) How much work is done to move a 1.80 X 103-kg Chevrolet Tahoe from rest to 35.2 m/s on a level road?(b) If this takes place over a distance of 251 m, what is the average net force applied to... more
Work Energy


What is the answer?

1. a worker pushes in 50.0 kg box on a level floor at constamt velocity and moves a distance of 10.0 m. If a person pushes it with a force of 850N, what must be the magnitude and the direction of... more

Work done by the Magnetic Force?

The magnetic part of the Lorentz force acts perpendicular to the charge's velocity, and consequently does zero work on it. Can we extrapolate this statement to say that such a nature of the force... more

How can tangential acceleration from a radial force be explained?

A mass is attached to a rope, and put into a circular motion. If I pull the string from the center, the tangential speed of the mass will increase (by conservation of angular momentum). I am... more


Finding work done in an inclined plane

I'm trying to solve a textbook problem that says:A boy in a wheelchair (total mass 47.0 kg) has speed 1.40 m/s at the crest of a slope 2.60 m high and 12.4 m long. At the bottom of the slope his... more


Work, power and energy

Heights:Point A=65m, Point B=52 m, Point C=25mThe total mass of the roller coaster is 650 kg. a) If it takes a force of 2760 N [parallel to the track] to pull the roller coaster up to point A, and... more

Should I watermark my work?

I am an art student who is trying to upload some digital work on a website. Do graphic designers typically watermark their work? If no, how do graphic designers protect their work?Update: The... more
Work Algebra 1


Time and work question

three persons a ,b and c decide to work in such a way that a and c work together on 1st day ,b alone on 2 nd day , a and c on 3 rd and so on on alternate days .how many days will be required to... more

Calculate the work required to lift a chain.

A 4-m chain with linear mass density ρ(x) = 2x(4 − x) kg/m from x = 0 to x = 4 lies on the ground. Calculate the work required to lift the chain from its front end so that its bottom is 2 m above... more


A roofer and an apprentice are roofing a newly constructed house. In one day, the roofer completes 1 3 of the job and the apprentice completes 1 4 of the jo

A roofer and an apprentice are roofing a newly constructed house. In one day, the roofer completes 13 of the job and the apprentice completes 14 of the job. How much of the job remains to be done?


Weight lifter lifts 500N barbell from the floor to a height of 5m. How much work is done.?

Science word problem


Amy made $228 for 12 hours of work. How much would she make for 5 hours at work?

Im not good at math at all but i need help! somebody please lol
Work Money


Substitute teaching calculations

I can only make $1180 a month as a substitute teacher. At location A I make $98 a day, location B $85, and location C $95. What is the least amount of days I could work a month while working at... more

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