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Find the general solution of the following differential equations.

Find the general solution of the following differential equations.1. dy/dx= -x+1/2(y+3)2. dy/dx= y²(1+ ex )


Find the standard (slope-intercept form) equation of the tangent line to the following

f(x)=x^2-3x+1 at x=1This question is the only question that i can't answer its very confusing can someone please help me thank you


A new QBASIC IDE, (21st century one)?

I'm looking for a modern IDE/Compiler that supports QBASIC programs and has the same or almost similar syntax as of QBASIC. I want to stay as close to Qbasic as possible in terms of syntax, style,... more
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How do I run a .bas file?

I want to start coding in BASIC. However I do not know how to run a .bas file. If someone could help me it would be deeply appreciated.


Change attributes of all files and folders in a given directory in VB.net?

In visual Basic (Visual Studio), How do I change attributes of all files and folders in a directory that user choose using FolderBrowserDialog? Heres my code to take input: If... more


How to exit a gw basic program at any time?

I am creating a game and i want that if the user hit F10 or any other function key then they the program should end.
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Argument is not Optional (open office basic macro)?

can you help me work out whats wrong in this function? Function TrueSolarTime(eqtime As Double, longitude As Double, _     timeZone As Double, hours As Double, minutes As Double) As Double   ... more

How to Convince Programming Team to Let Go of Old Ways?

This is more of a business-oriented programming question that I can't seem to figure out how to resolve. I work with a team of programmers who have been working with BASIC for over 20 years. I was... more
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How do I display an empty string when a variable is not initialized?

Im trying to display an empty string which is pretty straight forward, how is their a way to display an empty number for an integer? i have the example below. Sub() Dim s As String Dim... more


How can I change the text of a label while running in visual basic?

Right now my label is having a text "hello", how can I change it to "world" by a button click while running in Visual Basic.


grep regex to ignore comment at end of line?

I'm trying to grep through a lot of old PowerBASIC source files in search of a variable, but I'm having trouble getting `grep` to avoid matching references to the variable in the end-of-line... more


How to create this gw basic program?

Ok i want to know how to make a sentence appear word by word in GW BASIC.For example if the sentence is I Am Boy then how to make it appear as so "I" comes first printed then "A" ,then "m" , then B... more


Generate random numeric & alphabetic?

I'm making a random hexadecimal generator is it possible in visual basic to make a code that randomly generates number and letters together? How would you do it? I'm really lost. I'd like to... more


Choose For Random Strings In Commodore 64 BASIC?

I have this variable declarations on my program: X="MAGENTA" Y="CYAN" Z="TAN" A="KHAKI" Now what I want is to randomly choose one of these and `PRINT` it. But how to do this?


Creating file with QB64?

With the following DIM a AS INTEGER a = 10 OPEN "myFile" FOR BINARY AS #1 PUT #1, 1, a CLOSE #1 I get a file (myFile) with two bytes (using QB64). The first byte is indeed `0A`, but... more
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BASIC programming language getting variable?

On MSX BASIC 2.1, I get this error when compiling my basic code. 10 Input "Your name", U$ run Syntax Error OK Why is this syntax incorrect?


Basic- kernel written in basic?

I have read somewhere that higher level languages are not better to create kernels, So my question is, Can we make Kernel in Basic, the simplest language?


Custom hand cursor in Visual Basic?

I am working on a my app and I managed to change the normal mouse cursor very easy using this code: Dim cur As Icon cur = (My.Resources.NewCursor) Me.Cursor = New Cursor(cur.Handle)` Now... more


Clearing number in a Label on Text Box Change?

Just have a simple question. I have a program and in it I have a label that displays results once you calculate them, and I want the label to clear once you change the text in the input boxes.... more


Auto Find and display objects when input keywords in VB?

I'm a newbie in VB form programming. I got a task today, it seems so hard for me. basically, I have 2 forms named: Form1 and Form2. Form1 use for management info of students such as: student's... more
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BBC basic variables?

Background info for the problem: I am writing a text adventure game where the player has multiple paths to choose at each intersection/ problem. Problem: I am attempting to use a variable from... more

CreateTextFile Method is basic fails to create file at specified path?

I am using BASIC for the first time to automate a LeCroy Oscilloscope. Following examples provided by them I am attempting to create a program which uses the oscilloscope features and prints... more

Comma at the end of True Basic if statement?

I've been working on translating a simulation written in True Basic to C, and eventually into CUDA. Considering I have never worked with True Basic, let alone basic, everything has been going... more


Deleting Two Columns Simultaneously?

The following code deletes Column J only: If Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range("J:J").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)) _ =... more


How to declare a constant in BASIC?

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble figuring out how to do some things, because Google is clogged with tutorials of “programming basics” and Visual Basic. So I have to ask: in old-skool BASIC, I... more

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