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Cross section of some specific flowers?

How can I find images of the cross section anatomy of the following particular flowers?1) Iris Persica2) Allium Crisophii3) Cyclamen Hederifolium 4) Persian Lilac 5) Albizia Julibrissin6)... more


Why do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi retain active circadian clock genes?

Symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonize the root systems of perhaps 80% of modern-day plant families, and are responsible for assisting with intake of nutrients required for plant growth... more


A rose is an example of a dicot


Import of H+ ions into the thylakoid space during photosynthesis in plants?

Why are H+ ions pumped into the thylakoid space as the electrons pass through the cytochrome complex from PS2 to PS1 during photosynthesis?


How should lentil roots grow in a microgravity system?

I recently executed an experiment in which I collocated 20 lentil seeds in independent Petri boxes with an agar agar solution, all of it located in a clinostat (a slowly rotating device used to... more


How do you sequence a tree genome?

I'm writing a grant proposal, and part of the research will involve sequencing and comparing DNA from trees in America and Japan. How does one analyze the genome of a tree and compare it to a... more


Location of embryo development in angiosperms?

What floral organ does the development of the embryos of angiosperms occurs in? Is it the ovary? The pollen tube grows down through the style and double fertilization occurs and the embryo begins... more


How does coconut form?

I've seen that at the earlier stage coconut is filed with water and, as time passes, the water inside the coconut escapes and a thick layer of white substance forms. Is the water converted into... more


Is "reaction center" the same as "photosystem"?

I have a diagram which labelled a part of PSI (Photosystem I) as *"reaction center"*. But I have read on several websites that the reaction centers are PSI (the whole complex, not just a part of... more


Can there be an equilibrium between humanity's increase of carbon dioxide output with plants since plants harness CO2?

Is it possible that, prior to hitting a thermal equilibrium in the atmosphere, the increase in CO2 that humanity puts out every year will come to an equilibrium due to the consumption by the... more


Is it possible to graft plants from different families?

For example, I have some Eastern Hemlock rootstock (Pinaceae), and want to graft a scion from Dawn Redwood (Cupressaceae) onto it. Is this possible? Is anything like this possible?


How much oxygen does a plant use up at night?

Given the fact that plants cannot do photosynthesis at night but need respiration for their energy needs, they use up oxygen and generate carbon dioxide. But how much is this? If I fill a room with... more


How to selectively breed a plant?

Let's say I ordered seeds of a plant online. Then, I plant the seeds and grow a few plants. Then I take the seeds that the plants produced and separate them based on each plant. Is it possible... more


Why do plants have pith and how is it useful to them?

Many plants have pith, from walnut trees to corn to ragweed, but I can't think of anything it does them. What is pith and how is it useful to them?


Why does the olive tree produce a bitter tasting fruit?

What is the survival value for the olive tree to produce a bitter tasting fruit, even when it is ripened? I realize some fruits and berries are species specific, i.e., meant for specific animals... more


In plants why are potassium and nitrate ions absorbed faster than any others?

Quoting my A-level biology textbook: >$\\ce{K^+, NO3^-}$ are absorbed by plants faster than any other ions. Whereas, $\\ce{Ca^2+, SO4^2-}$ are absorbed with the slowest speed. What is the... more


How many oxygen atoms are used up in aerobic oxidation of one pyruvate?

Please explain elaborately, if possible using the EMP, Krebs and ETS cycles.


Looking to study botany, some general advice?

I've been doing some hydroponics lately and I've noticed I don't have much insight about how plants really work under the hood, I would like to have the full picture and understand more about... more


How long will a vegetable live for after being harvested?

I understand this might depend on the types of vegetables, but is there an average or studied specifics? Does it die immediately? Is there a way to precisely diagnose death in plants? If so, what... more


Do plants absorb toxins from the soil?

Consider a plant like Aloe Vera that grows up in a toxic environment where the concentration of pesticides, and materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic etc is very high(e.g. Marshland... more


Feeding animals or plants with coffee?

What happens if you feed animals or plants with coffee? Say, just once, or daily? There are some extra coffees in the pot, and I don't know whether it is a good idea feeding animals or plants with... more


The source of ABA for inducing stomatal closure in the detached leaves?

As you may know, when leaves detached from the whole plant close their stomata to maintain water and prevent wilting. Could you please let me know what is the mechanism of stomatal closure in the... more


Water absorption plant physiology?

Can the movement of water in plant outside xylem be multidirectional ,like in case of sucrose transport?


Why higher plants lack centrioles?

Why do plant cells not have centrioles?
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