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Are there verbs for "undergo mitosis" and "undergo meiosis"?

From my experience on SE sites, I believe this is the right site to ask this question under "terminology".I've been trying to find out whether English has one-word verbs for "undergo mitosis" and... more


Can 12 mitotic divisions produce 6000 nuclei?

The following quote is from "Principles of Development" by Tickle & Wolpert: "After fertilization and fusion of the sperm and egg nuclei, the zygote nucleus undergoes a series of rapid mitotic... more


Coiling of chromatids during cell division?

What is exactly coiling of chromosomes?I just heard about the names i.e paranemic, plectonemic, orthostichious, anorthospiral.I have ecaxtly no idea of what phenomenon is this.Also what type of... more


Why doesn't crossing over happen in mitosis?

If there was crossing over in mitosis, then there would various nature of somatic cells. May be that's the logic, but what is the mechanism? Why are there no crossover events during mitosis?

What is the difference between the mitotic spindle and microtubules?

In mitosis, I understand that the centromeres line up on the spindle. I also know that the centrioles form microtubles between the centromeres during mitosis in the metaphase. But, are microtubles... more
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Chromosome and chromatid numbers during cell cycle phases?

A diploid cell in G1 has 6 chromosomes. How many chromosomes and how many chromatids are present in each of the following stages?Here is what I am guessing- G1: 6 chromosomes ; 6 chromatids - G2:... more


What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis?

Mitosis and meiosis are both processes which describe the production of new cells. Mitosis produces 2 daughter cells which are genetically identical to the parent cell. Each daughter cell... more


Under what circumstances will a human neuron divide?

I read somewhere that a mature neuron loses its ability to divide, except for very specific situations. I was unable to find the description of those situations. What are they?(I'm sorry I'm not... more
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comparing and contrasting Meiosis/Mitosis

I need 4 comparing and 4 contrasting  

Biology - Asexual reproduction

Starting with one bacterium, how many bacterial cells would be expected from 6 cycles of Binary Fission?   Is 62 correct?   Thanks in advance for your help :)  

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