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Meaning of "contumelist"?

J.M. Coetzee writes this sentence in [*Elizabeth... more


In structures such as 'football manager', is 'football' a modifier or a complement of the head noun?

I thought I'd post this as it illustrates a problem often encountered on ELU.> In structures such as 'football manager', is 'football' a modifier or> a complement of the head noun?I've seen... more


Can an adverb modify a noun?

Is it right to say:> the scientifically literate? The reason I ask is that "The literate" is a noun. And the adverb *scientifically* modifies it. But as far as I know, adverbs cannot modifies... more

What does "bite" and "quarter-backing" mean in this context?

It's from the first few lines of the foreword to Karl Llewellyn's "The Bramble Bush":> These lectures grew out of an attempt in 1929 and 1930 to introduce> the students at Columbia Law School... more

Can we use "commiseration" and "condolence" interchangeably?

On what occasions can we use these terms and are they perfect synonym for each other to use interchangeably? Can we say to someone who has lost a friend "our commiseration to ..."?

Can adjectives get plural s?

Are the following sentences correct grammatically? 1- *The war had two hundred **woundeds**.* (And not *wounded soldiers*) 2- *There are two **modals** in that sentence.* (And not *modal verbs*)... more


Using 'show' with 'treatment'?

Is it proper to say 'show special treatment' for example in "He showed him special treatment."? I know it sounds more natural to say, "He took a special interest in him because of his... more


'Honey'' Usage Question?

my friend (he's from Europe, white in his 20s) was in the U.S. a while ago and went to a diner a few times. A woman there (in her late 40s, most likely), kept calling him ''honey'' and ''sweetie''... more


What is a noun modifying clause?

This is actually a question that came up when I was studying Japanese. Unfortunately my grasp of the technical language of syntax is very limited, and I never fully comprehended the idea of a *noun... more


Is this a noun clause or an adverbial?

I'm interested in the following question: I want to visit **where my grandmother was born**. To me it seems like a noun clause because I could replace the clause with a noun. For example: I want to... more


Lots of questions for a lot of clauses!?

I am confused over the use of *lots of* vs *lot of*. I am phrasing a sentence having the following clause : > [Article] [lot-of/lots-of] [noun singular/plural] [verb] ... As an example : > A... more
Nouns Italian Verbs


Qual è il sostantivo per "Impersonare"?

Qual è il sostantivo che descrive l'azione dell'impersonare: "impersonazione" o "impersonamento"?Cercando i termini online ho trovato utilizzi per tutt'e due: per citare un esempio, esistono due... more


Is "setup" an acceptable noun in formal writing?

I'm editing a draft of a scientific paper which repeatedly uses the word "setup" to refer to the, well, experimental setup. Example: > The dimensions of the setup are 250 mm ∗ 250 mm ∗ 50... more


Should "Americana" be capitalized?

In the following sentence, should _Americana_ be capitalized? > Here's a list of great Americana books. It looks so weird when written lowercase.


What is the difference between 볼 and 뺨?

My dictionary translates them both as "cheek". Can they be used more or less interchangeably?


Are there any rules to remember nouns / adjectives that are related to verbs?

I am having a real trouble remembering vocabulary where a noun or adjective is related to a verb (or vice versa).**Example 1**Verb tagliare = to cut.Conjugation taglio = I cut.Conjugation taglia =... more


See you all or "see you everyone"?

When leaving from work, how to say "see you" to colleagues? Which one is appropriate, "see you all" or "see you everyone"?


non-concatenative morphology in written arabic?

How could you explain or analyze these written Arabic from the non-concatenative morphology point of view? These verbs are derived from nouns.bakkala (to buckle)bukla (buckle)tilifu:n... more
Nouns Arabic


Explain الموقع فايلات اكسيل noun phrase in Arabic?

I have the following Arabic sentence and I am interested in the last three words which create a noun phrase. This np is translated as "Site Vaalat Excel" by google, which does not tell me much. ... more


How can you tell which noun a clause modifies?

I'm a ESOL teacher, and I'm having trouble answering a question that a student asked me recently. We were going over long sentences, and found this one from the New York Times: > Saudi Arabia... more


Is absurd a noun?

Is absurd a noun


Can someone please help me with my english homework? I need to find what part of speech each number is! Thank You!

The INDIANS(1) who LIVED(2) ON(3) the ISLAND(4) IN(5) the CARIBBEAN SEA(6) before the ARRIVAL(7) of the white men were WELL(8) acquainted WITH(9) the GREAT(10) CYCLONIC(11) STORM(12) THAT(13) AROSE... more

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