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Did Plato's The Republic influence any of the 20th century's despotic regimes?

Did Plato's The Republic and the ideas presented in it have any practical influence on any of the 20th century's despotic regimes? The idea of despotism of the wisest, those that know better than... more


Difference between the Scientific and Behavioral approach to International Relations?

As per my shallow research, IR literature and online content intermix Scientific and Behavioral Approach to International Relations. What exactly is the difference between the Scientific and... more
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Are there benefits to war?

There are obvious costs to war: loss of human life, destruction of property, disruption of people's lives, and much more. However, despite these costs wars continue to happen. I'm wondering what... more
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Why aren't all matters referendable?

Recently there was a parliamentary decision in Portugal that approved a referendum to the co-adoption and adoption by homosexual couples (already allowed to marry). This is generating a scandal in... more
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What's the difference between power inheritance in a Feudal Monarchy and property inheritance in the modern world?

We understand that monarchy and the right to rule is inherited. The descendant who inherited power has the right to rule the country. Take feudal China several centuries ago as an example, the King... more
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How do these differ: Politics vs Political Science vs Political Philosophy vs Political Theory?

I've Googled several sources that compare two of these, but none that contrast all four:1. This [Reddit... more


What is the difference between Communism and Anarchism?

Can anybody please explain me, in brief, the difference between Communists and Anarchists?
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What ethical (if any) or economical arguments are offered in defense of the inheritance tax?

Although I am normally quite supportive of higher taxation, I've never really felt comfortable with the inheritance tax. I see no reason why the government should tax the money a parent wishes to... more


Are public opinion and expert views of ideological distances between political parties generally consistent?

This question is inspired by two papers I encountered, which came to the same conclusion using different sources to quantify the ideological distance between political parties in various countries:... more
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What is the difference between negative rights and positive rights?

What's the difference between negative rights and positive rights? Can negative rights co-exist? Can positive rights co-exist? Can negative rights co-exist with positive rights?
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Why is populism seen as being negative or bad?

The definition that I found for populism is "support for the concerns of ordinary people". Democracy is form of government where the people rule by majority. If Democracy is considered to be... more


Difference between nationalism and patriotism?

Nowadays, nationalism has a strong negative connotation attached to it. This stigma doesn't apply to patriotism. What's the difference between them? If there is a difference to what extent could... more


Has anyone called for the elimination of limited liability?

One of the justifications that liberals make for the regulation and taxation of corporations is that corporations are by their very nature government-subsidized enterprises, because the government... more
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What is the best definition of the Democratic State?

I would say the Democratic State is the organisation that applies a People's will towards the use of common resources (such as the territory of that People/State). This will has the form of a body... more


Why should I care about federal vs state rights?

The premise behind most arguments about Obamacare, and other programs is that it's a "Federal" vs "State" rights issue.I come from a corporate business background, and it seems to me that if enough... more


In a democracy, who takes care of the interests of the losing side?

There are two sides or more to an election - the winning side will get what it wants (hopefully) the losing side will not. What are some of the ways both sides can benefit or do they have to wait 4... more


Does federalism lead to the separation of single states?

Federalism involves a great deal of **power sharing**, both at administrative and governmental levels. Federalism accepts the concept called '***right to self determination***' to varying degrees,... more


Can communism be effective in a post scarcity economy?

Recently following the discussion by politicians in US elections of "getting jobs back", it seemed clear to me that this phase of losing jobs can't be stopped or even slowed: it's the natural and... more


Why don't many of the Republicans in the House and Senate believe in climate change?

In their foundations, they support the laissez faire (economics) but they don't accept the green economy. Are there any logical reasons of why most Republicans (not all) refuse to acknowledge... more


Can collectivist economics co-exist with Individual rights?

I have often heard that collectivism and individual rights can't co-exist because they are opposites. On the surface this appears to be accurate, but is there any historical examples of societies... more


But without government, who will take care of the poor?

Without government, who will take care of the poor? One government defines [poverty](http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/about/overview/measure.html) as $11,888/yr for an individual.


What is the minimum age before your political views are considered well thought out and educated?

I see a lot of the time people shut younger people down when arguing politics because they say that they aren't wise and educated enough to have these opinions. What age or education level do you... more

If authoritarian regimes are so bad, why do we see so many of them?

This is my first question here... If authoritarian regimes are so bad, why do we see so many of them? I don't understand why they are so prevalent in the world. It can't be because people are... more


If authoritarian regimes are so bad, why do we see so many of them?

If authoritarian regimes are so bad, why do we see so many of them? I don't understand why they are so prevalent in the world. It can't be because people are gullible and don't recognize the... more
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When in modern history (since 1789) did "democracy" become important?

The French Revolutionary mantra was "liberté, égalité, fraternité". There was no mention of "democracy". The word does not appear in Edmund Burke's *Speech to the Electors of Bristol* (1774). The... more

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