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"frozen minute"?

I'm currently working on translation of George Meredith's *Diana of the Crossways* (published in 1885). Here's one passage that I find especially challenging. I would be very grateful if someone... more

on pain of their lives to suffer nobody to pass out?

I faced difficulty understanding the sentence below;>(He) charged his domestics on pain of their lives to suffer nobody to pass out.I found that the phrase "charge someone on pain of" means that... more

Austen's usage of the word "condescension"?

I looked up the definition of "condescension" both in Merriam-Webster and the Oxford dictionary, both of which imply a negative connotation to the meaning, where the act of emphasizing one's... more

Meaning of "pull figure" in the context of scientific papers?

I read Andrej Karpathy's [*A Survival Guide to a PhD*]( and in the section titled “Get the gestalt right” he writes (about scientific papers):> Your... more

That tight hair of hern?

> Yes. If she'd just let that tight hair of **hern** all out loose andcareless-like, as it used ter be, and wear the sort of bunnits withposies in 'em, and the kind o' dresses all lace and white... more

What is the meaning of "pole of time" here?

In the translation of a story by Daniil Kharms, I see the following sentence:> Thirty-five poles of time elapsed and mine host brought Ivan Ivanovich his entrecote on a round wooden platter.Two... more

What’s the usage of apostrophes in " ‘Bye, ‘bye "?

I’d like to know what effect an apostrophe has which is before a word and doesn’t work as an omitter. (Not like *C’mon* or *‘Course*, but like *‘bye, ‘bye*.)I have three questions as follows, but... more

Meaning of "contumelist"?

J.M. Coetzee writes this sentence in [*Elizabeth... more

What does "You might be better off thinking of something" mean?

I found this sentence in my programming book:> You might be better off thinking of the block and the method as> coroutines, which transfer control back and forth between themselves.What does... more

Another way to say "it never hurts"?

It **wouldn't hurt** you to be a bit more serious.*Wouldn't/won't/never hurts* make perfect sense in this example. I'm wondering if there's any alternative way to preserve the meaning of this... more

What does 'abstract ideas' mean?

In the sentence for example:> This book would also interest intelligent students with a taste for abstract ideas and theoretical arguments.What does the phrase "abstract ideas" mean? I looked up... more

The necks he broke always belonged to officers?

I watched the 1st episode of "Taboo" TV show and here is a piece of the description of the main character given by his enemies:> I would guess that confidence allowed his true savage nature... more

What does "two-meal" mean in "There's nothing that could get him away from that two-meal town."?

It's a quote from the movie "The Godfather II", Tom and Frankie's scene:>Frankie: Did my brother go back?>Tom: Yeah, don't worry.>Frankie: He's ten time tougher than me-- my brother. He's... more

Clarify some archaic idioms ("but that" and "as the crow flies") in Dickens' "Bleak House"?

I have a question about a difficult paragraph in *Bleak House* by Charles Dickens.In chapter 2, I came across the following paragraph containing a couple of idioms which I can't understand... more

What is the word for reserving something for yourself before others do?

In English-speaking TV shows, characters sometimes say something similar to *dips* to say to other people they are taking something for themselves before others do.Neither Google, Wiktionary or... more

an one "no not" to eat?

> But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that> is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a> railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner;... more

Meaning of the phrase "treats of" in the title of chapter 1 of Oliver Twist?

The title of chapter 1 of Oliver Twist is as follow:"Treats of the place where Oliver Twist was born...".What is the exact meaning of the plural word "treats"? I assume it means something like... more

A question about a quote from "Alice in Wonderland"?

Regarding this passage from Lewis Carrol's *Alice in Wonderland*:> 'No, please go on!' Alice said very humbly; 'I won’t interrupt again. I dare say there may be ONE.'> 'One, indeed!' said... more

to locate information?

I'm confused by the following sentence:> Will I need to know this particular information again, and if so, will it be difficult **to locate?**In this sentence, is "to locate" a synonym of "to... more

Meaning of "fast inside" (in context)?

I am curious what the exact meaning of the phrase "fast inside" is, as used in this sentence by D. H. Lawrence:> White savages, with motor-cars, telephones, incomes and ideals! Savages **fast... more

Meaning of “someone who can smell an expense account at forty paces”?

What does "the ones who can smell an expense account at forty paces" mean?The sentence comes from this excerpt.>‘Nope. You would have been far too busy looking at the tall blonde girls with the... more

What's the meaning when we say "per se"?

Sometimes I read a sentence like the following one:> Objective-C does not provide a standard library, *per se*, but in most places.. I wonder how to interpret "per se." I'm non-native English... more

Meaning of "pragmatic"?

What is the meaning of *pragmatic* in this example?> Another C construct, the #pragma> directive, is used to instruct the> compiler to use **pragmatic** or> implementation-dependent... more

Is the phrase "make the grade" correctly used in this context?

I was interested in the following sentence which appeared in an article titled “<a href="">How My Child... more

Can "vetted" be used to mean somebody to whom some restrictions are not applied?

Using a CMS, I found the following description for a user setting.> If checked, this user will be granted "vetted" status. Vetted users create full projects and promote existing experimental... more
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