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Accounting Finance


Finance and account

My best friend is saving $1,800.00 and will earn 0.17 percent per month. How many number of months until the account grows to $2,000.00?


Contra Accounts

I was explaining contra accounts to a fellow student and was asked why the supplies account doesn’t have a contra account and why it would be incorrect to have a contra account for supplies when... more


Accounting Question

Pryce Company owns equipment that cost $70,200 when purchased on January 1, 2017. It has been depreciated using the straight-line method based on estimated salvage value of $4,700 and an... more


Help in Solving this question! please and thanks

On March 1, Kate Harbour started Skin Care Co. a company that provides individual skin car treatment to clients. She invested $27,200 cash in the business. Listed below alphabetically are the... more
Accounting Math


The theater showed 4 plays in June. Write the entry at the end of June to record the revenue

A Broadway theater sells tickets to plays. Ticket holders paid the theater $87,500 in advance. For each play, it shows the theater earns $2,500.Write the entry to record the collection of money in... more
Accounting Math English History


Cultural Intelligence, International Business Question

1.Please explain the concept of cultural intelligence and why it’s important when doing international business.
Accounting Math English Business


International Business Question

Why is the movement of production factors limited in a international business?
Accounting Math Precalculus Finance


I need to know this step by step!

A family has a mortgage on a home for $295,000, amortized over 25 years, at an APR of 4.5%. The monthly payment on the mortgage is $1,639.71/ If the family makes a $25,000 extra payment at the end... more


Make-to-Stock Strategy

Make-to-stock strategy is commonly used in the production of low volume goods.True or false?


Which of the following would result in an exceptional account balance?

A A business which has $3000 in the bank writes a cheque for $3500. B A customer who owes us $500 sends us a cheque for $550. C The business owed $200 to a supplier but wrote a cheque for... more


About depreciation methods

Assuming that company X following straight line depreciation method and company Y is using double declining method. What will be the effect on both net income and total assets at early... more


creditors can ho after the separate property of a stockholder



Problem 6-7AA Periodic: Alternative cost flows LO P3

Seminole Company began the year with 29,500 units of product in its January 1 inventory costing $16.90 each. It made purchases of its product during the year as follows. The company uses a periodic... more


i have to complete my general journal

In 2020 your friend Kent started a moving company, Kent’s Moving Co. He hired a bookkeeper to journalize all the business transactions that occurred for the year, and she posted those entries... more


How can I make a regular even small stream of income from the Stock Market?

Day trading or regular trading can help you build wealth. It's great if you start young.


The labor productivity

An employee produces 15 parts during a in which he made $90 what is the labor productivity? a) $1350b) $90c)$0.167d)$5e)$6
Accounting Finance


The Current ratio

A company's current ratio is 1.5. If the company uses cash to retire notes payable due within one year, this transaction would  the current ratio and  the return on assets ratio.(a) increase,... more


Do liabilities and equity decrease your assets or do they increase them?

for example, If total liabilities increased by $15,000 and owner’s equity increased by $5,000 during a period of time, then total assets must change by what amount and direction during that same... more


Packing Labor will be Direct Labor or Indirect Labor

HelloOur company manufacture Bearings. When bearing convert into a finished product, we pack every bearing into a box. My question is Packing Labor will be Direct Labor or Indirect Labor.Thanks


Account deletion

How do I delete my account
Accounting Business Reading


Please Help! Helgeson Company has identified the following items for possible inclusion when taking a physical inventory. Indicate whether each item should be included or excluded from the inventory.

Helgeson Company has identified the following items for possible inclusion when taking a physical inventory. Indicate whether each item should be included or excluded from the inventory, explain... more


Madison Company acquired a depreciable asset at the beginning of Year 1 at a cost of £12 million. At December 31, Year 1, Madison gathered the following information related to this asset: Carrying... more


required to pay sales tax

Is a trucking company required to pay sales tax on their income? they dont sell anything; they haul items for other people.


accounting question need ASAP

Stear Corp. has taken a loan of $750,000 from a bank. The company's accountant enters the details of the transaction in the journal. The transaction needs to be posted in the ledger. In which... more

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