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Ordinary Annuity

A man bought a car in installment basis. If he pays P10,000 per month at a rate of 15% compounded monthly for 3 years, find the cash price and the accumulated amount of money for the car.


How do I create a trial balance from a general ledgar?



angles de guzman trial balance

T accounts and Trial balance


what are journal entries?

Fair bought goods at list price $ 4500 0n 24 November 2019 Adil is offered a trade discount of 20% and a cash discount of 15% if paid within 10 days. Adil had made payment at 02 December 2019 Make... more
Accounting Math


Accounting question. Please help. Need step by step answer.

On January 1, 2020, total assets for Books Inc. were $100,000; on January 31, 2020, total assets were $110,000. On January 1, 2020, total liabilities were $60,000. Book Inc. earned $20,000 in... more


Calculate the value of assets

Candy and Barr form a partnership called ‘Candy‐Barr’ to combine their assetsand liabilities. Candy’s assets are worth R480 000. Her liabilities are R14 000.Barr’s assets are worth R672 000. Her... more


Are the LT capital gains tax rates based off gross income or AGI?

Say a single filer has 2019 wages of $50,000 and LT capital gains of $10,000. Would I use $60,000 to determine my capital gains tax rate or $47,800 ($60,000 less the 2019 standard deduction)? I... more

Accounting Equation

Accounting Equation Shannon Cook is the stockholder and operator of You're A Star LLC , a motivational consulting business. At the end of its accounting period, December 31, 20Y2, You're A Star has... more

Cost Principles

On June 25, Repair Service extended an offer of $141,000 for land that had been priced for sale at $161,000, On July 9, AAA Repair Service accepted the seller's counteroffes of $153,900. On October... more
Accounting Economics


Bull Built, a design/build engineering company that has always given year-end bonuses in the amount of $4,000

Bull Built, a design/build engineering company that has always given year-end bonuses in the amount of $4,000 to each of its engineers, is hav-ing cash flow problems. The president said that... more



SK Corporation has provided the following miscellaneous information regarding the operations of financial year 2020; shSales... more



SK Corporation has provided the following miscellaneous information regarding the operations of financial year 2020; shSales... more


What is the difference between accounting and income tax treatment?

Can anyone tell me what is an accounting treatment and what is an income tax treatment? I am having trouble with identifying them. Some examples too would be great. Thanks


What would you do if you were En Kamal?

En. Kamal, is an accountant for ABC. Sdn Bhd. He was reviewing production cost report for the year. One amount in this report continued to bother him - advertising. During the year the company had... more


Accounting Question

In view of the difficulty in estimating future events, would you recommend that accountants wait until collections are made from customers before recording sales revenue? Should they wait until... more


Accounting Question: Inventory Balance

The transactions listed below are typical of those involving Amalgamated Textiles and American Fashions. Amalgamated is a wholesale merchandiser and American Fashions is a retail merchandiser.... more
Accounting Finance


NET present value

Find NPV, if the Future income for next 15 years is 30 billion with interest rate of 3%, fixed cost at 5 billion and Variable cost 18 million /year?


Discuss the questions above

(a) "The statement of financial performance and financial position contains only past information, and therefore are not very relevant for decision making." Discuss.  (5 marks)(b)  "It is possible... more


Prepare trial balance for the information above

$Sales 210,420Purchases ... more
Accounting Math Science


Please give me a concept about your thinking in this issue.

Faced with the need to deliver risk ratings for your organization, you will have to substitute the organization’s risk preferences for your own. For, indeed, it is the organization’s risk tolerance... more
Accounting Art Business


Please give me a clear concept about it.

Discuss the need of database logical structures and their significance in effective management of database.
Accounting Business Finance


Please solve this Accounting problem.

The unit selling price and unit production costs of Silver Craft Ltd were as follows for the month of April 2019:-Selling price Rs120Direct materials Rs22Direct labour Rs17Variable... more


David worked 40 hours this week. His pay rate is $15.00 per hour. Calculate his pay.

Overtime HoursOvertime RateOvertime PayRegular PayTotal Pay
1 3 4 5 6 7 21

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