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Subordinate Clauses Grammar Terminology Verb Agreement


We can see the shrine "become/becomes" big?

I'm correcting some writing and the student wrote, > We can see the shrine **become** big, little by little, from the ferry.As far as I'm concerned, it's grammatically okay, but I'm having... more
Subordinate Clauses Grammar Subjects Syntax


Where is the subject in "as was traditional for unmarried women"?

My senior English teacher was a tad bit confused where the subject for *was* is in this sentence: > As was traditional for unmarried women, Jane lived at home her entire life.
Subordinate Clauses Grammar Clauses Dependent Clause


Problem converting 'even though' clause to 'despite' clause: 'Despite losing...'?

I stumbled across this question in 'Intermediate Language Practice' by Michael Vince: 'Even though they were losing at half-time, City won in the end. Despite________________________________' The... more
Subordinate Clauses Grammar Conjunctions Clauses


What is the conceptual distinction between coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions?

While it is easy enough to identify coordinating and subordinating conjunctions by memorizing lists of them, the actual distinction seems arbitrary. Coordinating conjunctions are said to join... more

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