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In structures such as 'football manager', is 'football' a modifier or a complement of the head noun?

I thought I'd post this as it illustrates a problem often encountered on ELU.> In structures such as 'football manager', is 'football' a modifier or> a complement of the head noun?I've seen... more
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Why do people say "Go down this road" or "Go down this corridor" instead of saying "Go straight"?

I was wondering, when giving directions, is it correct to say "go straight" instead of "go down"? Does down and straight in the context of giving directions mean the same thing?
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Is this sentence grammatically correct? Adverb clause?

When I got back my test recently, I oddly found that my English teacher thinks that there is an error in the usage of adverbial clauses in > "It seems that moving the body while learning, which... more
Modifiers Grammar Adverbs Clauses


Which clause does the adverb modify in this sentence?

I have the following sentence: > "The KKK was a secret organization; apart from a few top leaders *the members **never** revealed their membership **and** wore masks in public*." Does the adverb... more
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Differences between "very" and "very much" as adjective modifiers?

The following examples are clearly wrong: > × I am very much tired > × She is very much clever But the following sounds fine (at least according to... more


Should I use " related" or "-related"?

What is **the correct use of the term *"related?"*** For example, should I use it like *computer related*, or is it more proper to use *computer-related* (where the word *"computer"* is just part... more


How very dare you!?

The phrase: > *How very dare you!* ... was originally used by English comedian and actor Frankie Howard, but has since found fame in the UK through the Catherine Tate show. 1. In this sentence,... more


Illogical Modifiers

My teacher gave me a sentence and asked me to rewrite the sentence. The original sentence goes like this: Smelling burnt and having a blackened crust, I decided to bake another pie for the... more

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