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Music Theory


I have a question in regard to the concept of “resolving” percussive phrases.

So, I’ve always seen music theorists online discuss harmony in terms of its function, in relation to other notes, or the diatonic scale. You see things like cadence, consonance, and dissonance that... more
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What is the circle of fifths used for?

I understand what the circle of fifths is and its layout, but all I've understood how to use it for so far has been using it to remember the fifth of a certain key (e.g. G is the fifth of C major).... more
Music Theory


Combining Triads

What is another name for an E-flat triad?IVIII+iviii
Music Theory


why will my tutor message not load?

I have received an email from a tutor and would love to message back and get started, but I cannot seem to open the message at all. Every time I Press on the message its just a blank screen. I... more


What octaves would each guitar string be tuned to here?

What octaves would each guitar string be tuned to with the provided notes? (e.g. E3, E4, D3, D4 etc.)1- E2 - B3 - G4 - D5 - A6 - FI'm also worried about my strings breaking - is there just one... more
Music Theory Piano


How do I play a C major scale on the piano?

How do I use the proper technique to play a C major scale on the piano?
Music Theory Chords Applied Dominant


What are applied dominant chords? How do you identify them?

Let's say you have the following F major chord progression: F D7 Gm C7 Fmaj7 Bb/F F.Which chords would be applied dominants?
Music Theory Composition (music)


What is a Phrygian cadence?

Music Theory


Chords -- which one to pick??

I am writing out the piano accompaniment for "I Believe I can Fly" and have come to a question on which chord to choose. It is in the original key of C Major. In the chorus, there is a borrowed... more

What is the musical instrument being used in this song? (Not referring to the drums/percussion, or bass instruments) And if the sound was made electronically, what do I do to make it?

I am trying to find this instrument being used so I can create an isolated remake of it without the other instruments since I couldn't find any good acapellas. I feel like it might be a stringed or... more


What is the best way to practice piano scales?


How do you write good melody lines?

I make pop songs. I want to know more about what's the best way to write good melody lines during the verses, pre-choruses and choruses? What is a good rhyming scheme?
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How do I start playing drums?

I want to begin learing how to play drums. I like rock and blues and jazz but I'm not sure how to start out. Do I need drumsticks? How do I hold them? what could be so hard about this? I probably... more
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How long does it take to prepare for the AP Music Theory exam?

Music Theory Piano


ABRSM Music Theory

If a student is in 7th grade, does she have to take the ABRSM music theory test level 7 or can she take a lower level test?
Music Theory


How do you construct a major scale?

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Re: Resources for teaching music theory?

Hi! I am just beginning to teach music theory on Wyzant, and was wondering where I could acquire content for my lessons?
Music Theory Music


What is the difference between an augmented and diminished triad?

Music Theory


What is the term for a glissando without sliding the notes?

It is just a really fast run on a woodwind instrument. For instance, I am trying to play a run of 9 notes in a single beat for an audition piece, but I have no idea what it is called to seek help.
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Deep Music Theory

Explain 'Picardy 3rd'....what is it? How are they used? When did they initially come into usage? Etc...
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How can I become a better sightreader?

I'm preparing for an audition that includes sight-reading and I want to get better at sight-reading in general. Do you have any advice?
Music Theory Music Guitar Piano


What creates a minor pentatonic scale?


Music Questions

I need clearly to a question. I thought the answer was 1-D-Flat major. According to my study notes from school, whatever music piece the concert pitch is in, you would lower the key for... more

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