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What are applied dominant chords? How do you identify them?

Let's say you have the following F major chord progression: F D7 Gm C7 Fmaj7 Bb/F F.Which chords would be applied dominants?


Deep Music Theory

Explain 'Picardy 3rd'....what is it? How are they used? When did they initially come into usage? Etc...

Which advanced chords can I use for a song composition in scale of G?

I am making a song composition in a scale of G. I have already used major chords **G, C and D** and in some places I have used **Am, Em and Bm**. I would like to make this composition richer with... more


Is Cmaj7 in the C major scale different than the Cmaj7 in the C Dorian scale?

I was told that the 7 in Cmaj7 indicates the 7th scale degree. But here's what's confusing to me: in the C major scale, the 7th scale degree is B. And the interval from the root note of the Cmaj7... more


How do I choose the type of chord for an specific scale?

How do I choose the type of chord for an specific scale?

Is GbM7 to DbM7/F also a chromatic movement?

I was writing a song in Bbm key. And the chord progression goes something like. Bbm,GbM7, DbM7/F In this situation does the GbM7 going to DbM7/F also consider as chromatic progression ? If it... more


Is the V chord still dominant if it is a major 7 chord?

Is the V chord still dominant if it is a major 7 chord?

Can one measure the "distance" between chords? If so, how?

I was reading an article an the author gave the following sequence of chords: C A7 Dm G C I would like to measure the "distance" if there is such a thing between C and A7. Can this be done? In... more


How do you play a 3 note jazz voicing for a slash chord?

Please answer for piano specifically. So classic 3 note jazz voicing to my understanding is Root in the left hand and the 3 and 7 in the right. But what if you have an inversion with 3 or 7 in the... more


Can someone help me figure out this music theory KEY finding question?

Messing around Sunday I came up with a song that has the following Chord Progression. I'm just learning music theory and am having trouble on identifying the key. The chord progression is: C7 D7... more

Can't seem to figure out the key of a chord progression?

Ab min7 - Db min - Eb min7 - Gb7 I looked it up and it said it was in the key of B and Ab min? Not very good with theory so I don't know how it could be a major and minor key at the same... more


Are there any cases that a minor triad can be a dominant chord?

Okay so that is quite a weird question, but are there any possibilities? And in a natural minor key does a minor v count as a dominant?


Is the basis of classical music triads while the basis of jazz is sevenths?

I'm just wondering if this sounds right. It seems like the basis of jazz harmony makes use of seventh chord and classical music the basis is triads?


Accompanying a RH melody (improv/comp)?

Are there any interesting rhythms/patterns for accompanying the melody (because I can play those by ear), such as breaking chords or etc. For doing piano covers of pop music, I am able to play the... more


Is a chromatic mediant considered a modulation?

Say I go from a C major chord to an E major chord. I understand that this is a chromatic mediant. Does this change my key from C to E though? said differently, does non-functional harmony change... more


Do seventh chords and extended chords create more dissonance?

I'm wondering if seventh and extended chords are used to create dissonance/tension where the more you get to the basic triad the more consonant the sound. So C major > C major 7 > C major 9... more


How to compose a Shout Chorus?

How do you compose a [Shout Chorus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refrain#Shout_chorus)? I don´t know how to start and I need to compose one for Wine and Roses.


Is it Acceptable to Build Chords on Accidental Notes in Classical Music?

I'm writing a clarinet solo with piano accompaniment in B minor. Is is normal to use a D minor chord (or just the first two notes) in classical music (specifically romantic)? I do have a regular... more


Does the bass note in a "slash" chord really have an associated interval?

I have a question about "slash" chords. Look at the chord E/G: <pre> E G♯ B G 1 3 5 ? </pre> G is the minor 3rd interval (♭3) in the key of E. However, I would have thought by... more


What are the different ways of adding non-diatonic chords?

I'm trying to add more detail to what I'm playing by using non-diatonic chords. So far the main ways I have found are: 1. Borrowing chords from parallel key (mode mixture) 2. Chromatic Mediants... more


What are weak and strong chords?

I'm reading Jazz Theory by Stuart Smith. In the chapter on functional harmony the author introduces the notion of strong and weak chords: > I, II, and IV are generally treated as **strong... more

Odd and Even Harmonic Theory?

I've been thinking of ways to harmonize melodies. One of my ways is to not think in terms of the seven diatonic chords, but to just think of in terms of "odd chords" and "even chords". Let's say... more


Sharp 5 or flat 13? Sharp 9 or flat 10?

Let's say I'm in C major. I have a dominant altered chord built on G. This very popular voicing has the following tones (I'm including both enharmonic spellings for the accidentals): G B (D# or... more


Why do notes have multiple names?

I've seen the same note called different names for example the note F# can also be written as Gb. Why is this the case and are there times to use one name over another?


V chord becoming 7th? minor key?

Im analyzing a song that is in the key of e minor. And the chords for the song are: Em B7 Am Now, I'm no expert but from my theory I learnt a while back for a minor key the chords are: Minor-... more

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