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Learning garbage collection theory?

I want to learn the theory behind garbage collection. How do i go about it? The obvious answer is - a compiler textbook... The question is, is it necessary to learn lexical analysis, parsing and... more

Could a truly random number be generated using pings to pseudo-randomly selected IP addresses?

The question posed came about during my comp sci lecture while discussing the impossibility of generating numbers in a deterministic computational device.This was the only suggestion which didn't... more


Most difficult programming explanation?

Recently I tried to explain some poorly designed code to my project manager. All of the manager classes are singletons ("and that's why I can't easily change this") and the code uses event... more

Help Understanding Big O

I'm asking more about what this means to my code. I understand the concepts mathematically, I just have a hard time wrapping my head around what they mean conceptually. For example, if one were... more

Where do I start learning about image processing and object recognition?

I'm interested in writing some basic computerized object recognition application, so I figure I need some theoretical background in image processing algorithms, along with some AI for decision... more

Text editor theory?

As I'm always dissatisfied with existing editors, a project I always wanted to start is my own text editor. However doing text editing is serious business.Besides analyzing the source code of... more

What is Turing Complete?

What does the expression "Turing Complete" mean? Can you give a simple explanation, without going into too many theoretical details?


const correctness in C#?

The point of const-correctness is to be able to provide a view of an instance that can't be altered or deleted by the user. The compiler supports this by pointing out when you break constness from... more

Database Internals - Where to Begin?

So lets say that you want to learn some stuff about database internals. What's the best source code to look at? the best books to buy?I was talking about this with a buddy the other day and he... more

Purpose of singletons in programming?

This is admittedly a rather loose question. My current understanding of singletons is that they are a class that you set up in such a way that only one instance is ever created.This sounds a lot... more

What is starvation?

In multitasking systems, some abnormal conditions prevent progress of executing processes or threads. I'll refer to both processes and threads simply as "processes". Two of these conditions are... more

Which is the fastest way to get the absolute value of a number?

How fast is an `if` (and why please). My college programing professors always told me to avoid `if`s for they are extremely slow, but I always forgot to ask how slow and why.

Difference between user-level and kernel-supported threads?

I've been looking through a few notes based on this topic, and although I have an understanding of threads in general, I'm not really to sure about the _differences between user-level and... more

Anyone know anything about OLAP Internals?

I know a bit about database internals. I've actually implemented a small, simple relational database engine before, using ISAM structures on disk and BTree indexes and all that sort of thing. It... more

Why is cloning (in .NET) so difficult?

In the past I had the need to clone objects, only to find that they don't implement a <code>Clone()</code> method, forcing me to do it by hand (create a new instance and copy all... more

What is an NP-complete in computer science?

What is an NP-complete problem? Why is it such an important topic in computer science?

Does Presenter in Model-View-Presenter create views?

How are Views created in MVP? Does the Presenter always create them (in addition to View in case of subviews)? Or is it a separate third-party component or App or something that creates them?


Simple basic explanation of a Distributed Hash Table (DHT)?

Could any one give an explanation on how a DHT works?

Storing Images in DB - Yea or Nay?

So I'm using an app that stores images heavily in the DB. What's your outlook on this? I'm more of a type to store the location in the filesystem, than store it directly in the DB.What do you think... more

Partially Overriding a Virtual Auto-Property in a Child Class?

Time for a theoretical question I just ran across.The following code is valid and compiles: public class Parent { public virtual object TestProperty { get; set; } } public class... more

Explaining computational complexity theory?

Assuming some background in mathematics, how would you give a general overview of computational complexity theory to the naive? I am looking for an explanation of the P = NP question. What is P? ... more


How a RegEx engine works?

In learning Regular Expressions it had me wondering how the underlying engine works. Probably more specifically, I'd like to know more about how it evalutates, prioritizies and parses the... more

What is the origin of "launch the missiles"?

In the context of functional programming, a typical example of a side effect is "launch the missiles". Where does that expression come from historically?


How to program a fractal?

I do not have any experience with programming fractals. Of course I've seen the famous Mandelbrot images and such.Can you provide me with simple algorithms for fractals? Programming language... more

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