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Mitochondrial pyruvate in mice

Mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 2 resides in the inner membrane of mitochondria. Due to a genetic defect in a type of mouse cell that protein no longer stays in the inner membrane of mitochondria.... more


Import of H+ ions into the thylakoid space during photosynthesis in plants?

Why are H+ ions pumped into the thylakoid space as the electrons pass through the cytochrome complex from PS2 to PS1 during photosynthesis?


Is "reaction center" the same as "photosystem"?

I have a diagram which labelled a part of PSI (Photosystem I) as *"reaction center"*. But I have read on several websites that the reaction centers are PSI (the whole complex, not just a part of... more


Can I kill bacteria with distilled water?

Given that bacteria are hypertonic (contain more salts) compared to distilled water, and that they rely on ion concentration differences across the plasma membrane to survive, can I kill a... more


How do cells relocate transmembrane proteins from one side of the cell to the other? Is it possible?

Is there a process by which cells can relocate proteins residing on the cell membrane in areas of low demand to that of a high demand location somewhere else in on the cell? What's that process... more


Chromosome and chromatid numbers during cell cycle phases?

A diploid cell in G1 has 6 chromosomes. How many chromosomes and how many chromatids are present in each of the following stages?Here is what I am guessing- G1: 6 chromosomes ; 6 chromatids - G2:... more


What is the purpose of co-transport?

My current understanding of co-transport is that, first, a substance is actively transported across a membrane, establishing a concentration gradient across said membrane. This same substance then... more


Are there oligocellular organisms in nature and, if so, what are they like?

I'd think protozoans can be oligocellular, but I haven't found any examples, and I'm curious to know what is the minimum number of cells an organism can have other than a single cell.


Cell cycle selection?

Is it possible to select from colonies only cells which are at a certain stage in the cell cycle? E.g. if I was trying to analyse expression of a number of genes during different stages of the cell... more


Is scalable growth the main reason why Darwinian systems select Fibonacci sequences?

The other day I was thinking about evolution of multi-cellular organisms, and why from the earliest onset of the development of communal cellular structure building, life may have selected a... more


Can methylation of a promoter induce gene expression in some rare cases?

Can methylation of a promoter induce gene expression in some rare cases? I've read somewhere that methylation of an intron can induce gene expression (eg. Igf2). How is that even possible? Thank... more


What is the purpose of ethanol in a DNA extraction experiment?

We were doing a lab experiment in biology class in which we extracted DNA from a banana-detergent solution mixture.(The detergent solution was made of 100ml of detergent, 90ml of water, and 5g of... more


What does “energy transfer in cells” mean?

ADP and ATP are involved in energy transfer in cells. I know what is ATP and I know how ADP is formed, but I don’t understand what “energy transfer in cells” means.


Why are there no Nissl bodies in the axon?

What could be the significance of not having Nissl bodies (endoplasmic reticulum) in the axon hillock (a part of the cyton) and axon? Does it have something to do with the processing of action... more


Reason for the source of fetal bovine serum?

What is the reason that perhaps the most commonly used serum in labs is fetal bovine derived? Is there something about fetal serum that is particularly useful over say serum just harvested... more


Are there any multicellular forms of life which exist without consuming other forms of life in some manner?

The title is the question. If additional specificity is needed I will add clarification here.Are there any multicellular forms of life which exist without requiring the consumption (destruction) of... more


Are the cytosol and extracellular fluids electrically neutral?

I've found several sources that state that overall, the cytosol of a cell is electrically neutral. The extracellular fluid is also purportedly electrically neutral. How can that be when we have... more


How long will a vegetable live for after being harvested?

I understand this might depend on the types of vegetables, but is there an average or studied specifics? Does it die immediately? Is there a way to precisely diagnose death in plants? If so, what... more


How does formaldehyde/PBS or methanol fixation of cells affect lysosomal pH?

**The question** is fairly simple - does formaldehyde or methanol fixation in preparation for immunocytochemistry/immunofluorescent staining affect the pH of the lysosomes?**Some background:** I'm... more


Role of microvilli in cell volume regulation?

Does the presence of microvilli on a cell's surface ensure that it's more resistant to cell swelling or lysis in a hypotonic solution, as compared to a normal cell?


Role of microvilli in cell volume regulation?

Does the presence of microvilli on a cell's surface ensure that it's more resistant to cell swelling or lysis in a hypotonic solution, as compared to a normal cell?


How do detergents get in hydrophobic membrane interior?

According to *Molecular And Cellular Biology* (Stephen L. Wolfe), Membranes disperse almost instantaneously if exposed to a nonpolar environment or to detergents, which are amphipathic molecules... more


Which cells are responsible for the extracellular matrix remodeling?

I am studying a case of tendinopathies induced by an alteration of how the extracellular matrix is being remodeled. From my understanding there has to be a careful balance of MMP... more


Which are the last cells of the human body to die?

When somebody dies, which are the last surviving cells of his/her body? Those of hair, nails, or some other obscure but resilient cells?Shedding light on why and how they are so vital might boost... more


Is the ringing sound in the ears caused by dying ear cells?

I was recently watching the movie "<a href="">Children of Men</a>" (great movie) by Alfonso Cuarón. Now in a certain scene, the lead actor happens to... more
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