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GRE quantitative question

Why / how are these quantities not equal?Question: which Quantity is greater; answer -- Quantity B is greater.A: n*m / m-nB: pThe following equation is provided: 1/n - 1/m = 1/pI isolated p such... more
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Do I need to study for the GRE psychology subject test?

YES! Think of it as the psychology AP exam on steroids! There might even be some concepts you haven't heard of before if you took classes in undergrad mostly in a specific area of psychology... more
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Sequence Math Question

The first term of a sequence is -48, and every term after the first is 3/4 of the previous term. What is the 7th term of the sequence?
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Sequence Math Problem

A certain sequence begins with the terms 4,-4,-1,5,-1,4,-4,-1,5,-1,4,-4,-1,5,-1.... and continues to repeat indefinitely. What is the sum of the first 81 terms of the sequence?

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