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Complement and Independent events.

Show that if A and B are independent events, then the pairs A and B', A' and B, A' and B' are also independent.How do I prove it?

What is the Probablility?

Does it pay to ask for a raise? A national survey of heads of households showed the percentage of those who asked for a raise and the percentage who got one. According to the survey, of the men... more

Marbles probability question

6 marbles, 3 of which is defective.Upon inspection on defective marble, 80% chance to successfully confirm indeed defective.However, inspection made on good marble has a 5% chance of wrongly... more


Suppose you bet $1 on red at the roulette wheel. There are 18 red numbers and 20 nonred numbers (including the green 0 and 00). You win $1 if a red number comes up, and you lose $1 if any other... more

Find the probability

There are 25 red marbles, 15 green marbles, and 10 blue marbles.You randomly pick 4 from the bag.What is the probability of picking at least 1 marble of each color?

What is the probability that the subcommittee consists of 2 men and 1 woman, given that it contains both men and women?

For this problem, assume that the committee contains 10 men and 8 women and that three are selected at random for a subcommittee.

Probability Mass Function

Cards are selected at random and with replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 cards. Define the random variable X as the number of trials until we obtain the first ace. Give the probability mass... more

probability distribution

suppose that one each of 5 races the democrats have a 60% chance of winning. assuming the races are independent of each other, let x be the number of races democrats win.a) find the probability... more

Finite Homework Help, Conditional Probability

A and B are a subset of S, Pr[A|B]=4/9, Pr[A]=9/20, Pr[B']=11/20, what is Pr[B|A']?

Unit 11 Test Probability & Statistics

The odds of winning a game at the carnival are 3 in 7. If Liza plays the game nine times, what is the probability that she wins exactly two times?

A committee of three people is selected at random from a set consisting of seven ​teachers, three parents of​ students, and eight alumni.

What is the probability of the event that there will be at least 1 teacher on the​ committee?

Standard Deviation

Approximately what percent of a standard normal distribution is found within each region? Hint: Drawing a graph may help.Note: Please enter your answers in percentages.a.  Between the mean and one... more

Find P(B ^C) and investigate whether events B and C are mutually exclusive

P(A)= 1/3 P(A^B)= 1/12 P(C)= 1/2 P(B U C)= 5/8A and B are independent events

Advanced Placement Statistics

Cassandra's Cogs states in its advertisement that 90% of its orders are ready to ship within three working days. A simple random sample of 100 of the 2,500 orders received during the past month are... more

Probability Without Replacement

Bruno has 90 marbles. Of those, 45 are broken and 75 are painted red. If he randomly picks marbles one at a time, what is the probability that the first marble he gets is painted red, the second... more

Probability Distributions

In a box of smarties there are eight different colours which normally occur in equal proportions. Rachael is given 24 smarties, and orange ones are her favourite. Assume they come from a very large... more

Probability of choosing a candy

A jar contains 2 caramels, 7 mints and 16 dark chocolates. What is the probability of choosing a dark chocolate, eating it, then choosing a caramel?

What is the probability of a random test occuring on any of the first 5 days of a 31 day month?

Hypothetically, if you know that you will be given a test on any random day in March, but you also know you will no longer be in that class after March 5th, what is the probability that you WILL... more

In a school, 70% of the students are female. 10 students were randomly selected.

In a school, 70% of the students are female. 10 students were randomly selected. What is the probability that?1. Five female students are selected2. At least are one female student is selected3.... more
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