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Failed Subjects That I Wanted To qualify in

Hi,I failed a few subjects such as ACT Reading and ACT English that I wanted to tutor in. I feel a bit discouraged but I know I can be a good tutor in those subjects.What would you recommend to... more
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What is the chances of getting a perfect score of 36 on the ACT when there is a 25% chance of getting 155 of them right and 20% chance of getting the other 60 right

So this is basically me wondering what the probability of getting a 36 on the ACT with completing guessing each and every problem. Just a curious question. Math has 5 answer choices for each and... more
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Can you help summarize what King Arthur is trying to say to Sir Gawain in each text.

Then the King commanded him to rise and come forward and he stood quickly, walked with stately steps to kneel before the king and claim his weapon. Arthur handed it over and held his hand to give... more
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what" the summary of the story "stairway"?

"STAIRWAY"When I was two or three years old, I lived in a house that had a strange, atmosphere. I do not remember anything about the house except the stairway. It was dark, squeaking, and quite... more
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The sentence(s) below has one or more blanks. Beneath each sentence(s) are five words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

He believed that in order to _________ the problem fully, he would need to understand all of its _________.A) solve...positionsB) embrace...nuancesC) comprehend...extremeD) experience...thoughtsE)... more
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Rikki Tikki Tivi

1) Describe an instance where one of the characters has an “epiphany” in Rikki Tikki Tavi
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I need help on this study island

   In July of 1799, over 200 years ago, French soldiers came upon a block of stone in the Egyptian town of el-Rashid, or Rosetta. The stone was inscribed with three translations of the same message... more


SAT #10 Reading (Question 31)

The main purpose of the passage is to [...]?
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Which section(s) of the ACT are weighted?


Summer Reading is due!! What will you be asked to report and write about your assigned reading?

5 Main Areas commonly addressed on ACT examinations for reading and comprehension.


SAT #9 Reading (Question 26 & 27)

Based on the passage, Bottke and Levison’s conclusions would be most weakened by a study that [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Questions 22 & 23)

In McKinnon’s view, Ceres differs from other objects in the asteroid belt in which significant way?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 17)

The author quoted in lines 58-60 expresses which view of the study’s results?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 16)

What main effect do the words ‘clueless’ (line 38) and ‘mind-reading” (line 61) have on the tone of the passage?


SAT #9 (Question 8)

Sandeep would be most critical of which action from the passage?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 6)

The description of Chhotomama and the son’s interaction mainly serves to [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 51)

The authors of both passages characterize the impact hypothesis as [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 47 & 48)

Based on Passage 2, Meltzer and his team relied on what evidence to challenge the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 43)

Which choice provides the best support for the claim that the impact hypothesis is not the only possible explanation for the sudden change in Earth’s climate?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 40-41)

In the passage, Burke displays the greatest respect for which of the following?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 36)

Based on the passage, Burke believes that French leaders who would advocate moderate positions are [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 33-34)

It can reasonably be inferred from the passage that Burke is particularly upset with the National Assembly’s decision to [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 31)

Which statement about reflectance patterns in Monotropsis odorata is best supported by the data presented in figure 1?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 26-27)

It can most reasonably be inferred from the passage that the nutrient requirements of many plants have the consequence of [...]?

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