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How long does it take to reach maximum height

A ball is thrown in the air from the top of a building. Its height, in meters above ground, as a function of time, in seconds, is given by h(t) = −4.9t^2 + 24t + 8. How long does it take to reach... more


Which quadrant does θ lie in?

Which quadrant does θ lie in?csc(θ)< 0 and sec(θ)>0
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Please help me with this!

In a candy bag there are 50 candy cars, white, green and pink. You take two. How many candy cars of the different colors are there if the probability of taking two green cars with return is 0.25... more
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Who has the greatest chance of winning?

In the ironing tip, you must bet the result 1, X or 2 in 13 matches. We assume that there is an equal probability for each event to occur.a) Niki bets a row with only one and Lucas bets every third... more
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Geometry, working out a

If i have a triangle with one interior angle saying “2a°” and one saying “3a°” with the third interior angle not having any clue. Considering its multiple choice between 36,22.5,25.7 +45 what does... more


Limit x approaches to pi


Error Calculation of a expression

How do we calculate the(i) absolute error(ii) relative error(iii) percentage error, of the formula, ((y)^(1/2)) + (x/y) + (x*(e^(2x)))if the values of x=0.906 , y=1.036, where the values are... more
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can i get an answer please

Susan deposited $4000 into an account with 3.6% interest, compounded monthly. Assuming that no withdrawals are made, how much will she have in the account after 5 years?Do not round any... more


jess has a 4-digit password for her mobile phone. each digit can be between 0 and 9 inclusive. what are the total number of 4-digit passwords Jess can create?

i know the answer as it was at the back of the textbook but i dont understand how the answer is 10000, how do you work out this question???
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Series Expansion of Cos(x) centered at x=0

Considering first six terms in the series expansion of cos x, calculate the approximatevalue of the cos x , centered at x=0.Discuss the types of errors are in this calculation.
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Calculate i. Mean ii. Median iii. Modal Class iv. Standard Deviation

The mark students of grade 10 students got in their biology examination is given below Marks (%) Frequency 40-49 3 50-59 5 60-69 7 70-79 6 80-89 12 90-100 7 Calculatei.... more
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Please answer quickly

In my bag 1/3 of the quarters is the same as 2/5 of the dimes. I have 8 more quarters than dimes. How many coins do i have


maths, find two algebraic methods

Four cousins who share the same birthday, David, Frederica, Mary and Laurent each receive a fish tank as a birthday present that contain two types of fish, swordtails and angelfish. There is a... more


How fast is the distance between the runner and the trainer increasing when the runner has run 1/4 of the way around the track?

A runner and his trainer are standing together on a circular tracks of radius 100 meters.when the trainer gives a signal, the runner starts to run around the track at a speed of 10 m/s. How fast is... more
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Two bottles are geometrically similar. The ratio of the areas of their bases is 1:4

Two bottles are geometrically similar. The ratio of the areas of their bases is 1:4.Write down the ratios of their height and volumes
1 3 4 5 6 7 66

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