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Combination GRE problem 25?

An appliance's model number consists of three alphanumeric characters. The first character must be one of 24 permissible letters of the alphabet. The next character is numeric, a digit from 1 to 9.... more

GRE Practice Question Incorrect?

This is a sample GRE question. The answer claims that we cannot make an inference due to insufficient information. > *Compare the following quantities:* > > Of the 25 people in Fran’s... more
Gre Geometry


GRE geometry question?

If you join all the vertices of a heptagon, how many quadrilaterals will you get? Any clues to help me solve the problem.

GRE Permutation and geometry question?

Are there are formula showing relation between diagonal and no of sides of a polygon?

How many 2-digit positive integers are there?

How many 2-digit positive integers are there such that the product of their two digits is 24? The answer given is four. I'm not certain if I understand this question correctly and need some... more


Is this Enough for the Math Subject GRE?

I have been studying for the math GRE for quite sometime now. I have been going through the princeton review and old GRE tests, and in fact without much very difficulty at all. As a way of getting... more

Multivariable Calculus for GRE?

This is going to sound strange, but I am a third year math major who never took multivariable calculus (despite having taken courses on Galois and Lebesgue theory, etc). I plan to take the GRE next... more


What is the best way to prepare for the GRE verbal by myself?



What are the common GRE essay type questions?

Is this GRE math problem wrong?

I'm working out of the Manhattan GRE test prep book and I've come across a question that I can't figure out why they chose the answer they did. "Perpendicular lines m and n intersect at point... more


Easy GRE question: Statistics?

I'm not sure how to set this statistics problem when they give me a group of arbitrary values. Can someone help? A group of 20 values has a mean of 85 and a median of 80. A different group of 30... more

Intuition behind combination problem?

I came across this question on a GRE practice exam. I'm trying to build intuition behind how to correctly approach these types of problems: A reading list for a humanities course consists of 10... more


A GRE Geometry Question?

P, Q, and R are three points in a plane, and R does not lie on line PQ. Which of the following is true about the set of all points in the plane that are the same distance from all three points?... more

Confusion about calculating probability of at least one event occurring?

The probability that Tom will win the Booker prize is 0.5, and the probability that John will win the Booker prize is 0.4. There is only one Booker prize to win. What is the probability that at... more

Is 440 a factor of 72840?

I would like to know how to solve the following question: Is 440 a factor of 72840? I would have thought that this involves dividing 72840 by 440 and seeing if it produces an integer. However, the... more


Distance and speed of two people walking 100 miles?

This is for GRE math prep. Can you explain why the answer to this is 54? Five hours after Sasha began walking from A to B, a distance of 100 miles, Mario started walking along the same road from B... more


GRE - Pobability Question?

One person is to be selected at random from a group of 25 people. The probability that the selected person will be a male is 0.44, and the probability that the selected person will be a male who... more

combination gre problem # 24?

How many ways can 4 prizes be given away to 3 boys, if each boy is eligible for all the prizes? Can anyone explain me why this answer is wrong: 4*4*4 ?

GRE - Percentage Question?

A full glass of juice is a mixture of 20% grape juice and 80% apple juice. The contents of the glass are poured into a pitcher that is 200 percent larger than the glass. The remainder of the... more


Why is the average rate isn't the average of the two rates given for the two legs of the journey?

If an object moves the same distance twice, but at different rates, then the average rate will never be an average of the two rates given for the two legs of the journey. Why is that so?


GRE Probability and Statistics 2?

John invites 12 friends to a dinner party, half of which are men. Exactly one man and one woman are bringing desserts. If one person from this group is selected at random, what is the probability... more

Differential Equations Text (Math GRE)?

I am currently looking for a Differential Equations text from which to study for the Math GRE Subject Test. (As a side note, I currently own a copy of Stewart's Calculus.) Any suggestions of... more
Gre Algebra 2


I am not sure how to solve this GRE question

k = 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 + 1/128 Which is greater, k or 2?


How do I find the probability of these independent events?

The following is taken from the ETS math review for the GRE: Let A, B, C, and D be events for which P(A or B)=0.6, P(A)=0.2, P(C or D)=0.6, and P(C)=0.5 The events A and B are mutually exclusive,... more

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