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a-b= -(a-b)

      a-b= -(a-b)
which statement is true
a is greater
b is greater
a and b are equal
not enough information
I know that the answer is C both a and b are equal, but I do not understand why.
I tried solving for a and came up with a=0, but cannot find an anser for b.
Am I on the right track?
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2 Answers

Hi Sandy;
Let's combine like terms...
Let's subtract a from both sides...
Let's subtract b from both sides...
Let's divide both sides by -2...
a and b are equal.
If you let x = a-b, then x = -x, and if you solve that for x, you get x = 0.  Whenever something equals its opposite, that something is 0.  Here, that something is a-b, so a-b = 0, which means a = b.