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Please Help I Don’t Understand

An electrician has 6 feet of wire. He cuts the wire into pieces that are 1/2 of a foot in length. How many pieces of wire is he able to cut? Include a model and equation with your answer.



Ammaar put 4/7 of the money he earned raking leaves in the bank. He spent 1/3 of the money on a book.Create an expression with common denominators that can be used to find the difference between... more
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why is math so hard?


Complete the following quadratic equation...a) state the other five trigonometric ratios as fractions.

Given a) state the other five trigonometric ratios as fractions.b) determine the value of  to the nearest degree.
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Partial fraction

Express the following as partial fractions(2x2 + x - 5)/(x - 4)I don't see any tutorial on YouTube with non quadratic functions as the denominator. Please help with this question.


Sarah makes a cup of jam

Sarah used 3/4 pound of blueberries to make 1/2 cup of jam. How many pounds of blueberries would she need to make a cup of jam? Write your answer as an improper fraction.
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A sack of flour had a mass of 9 kg at first. From the sack of flour, Lily filled some containers with 5/8 kg of flour each.

(a) What was the greatest number of containers she could fill with 5/8 kg of flour each? (b) What was the mass of flour left in the sack?


Word problem!! pls help

Jordan ate 8/12 of a pizza. Michael ate 1/3 of a pizza. Who ate more pizza and by how much? Note: answer must be in lowest term. 


Simple fraction question!

If 110 = 1.7 then 70 = ?
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Answer the equation in the shortest way

A woman travels to her friend. She travels by car for 1/4 of the journey. She travels by train for 5/8 of the journey. She walks for the remaining 600 meters of the journey. Find the length of this... more
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Need help with word fraction below please and thank you.

Virgil has a 1/6 of a cake left over. He wants to share the leftover cake with 3 friends. What fraction of the original cake was shared with 4 friends. Please show picture and problem solved step... more


Probability of winning

If I purchase 10 lottery tickets, with 44,020 prizes to be won and 1,100,000 total tickets sold, what are my odds of winning?


How to find answer to 5lb -1 2/3 -2 3/4 = what

I have 5 lbs of sugar I use 1 2/3 lbs for muffins & 2 3/4 for cake, how much is left
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Math word problem

During the school holidays, Vanessa spent 1/8 of her day outside playing with her friends and 5 hours on playing board games. The rest of her time was spent in the house. How many hours did he... more
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Val walks 2 2/5 mile each day .Bull runs 10 miles once every 4 days.In 4 days ,who covers the greater distance?

Can you explain this the 4th grade way
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Fractions, Please help

Nick and Ken have some yellow staplers and some pink staplers. The number of pink staplers Nick has is equal to the number of yellow staplers Ken has. 1/4 of Nick's staplers are yellow and 1/5 of... more


Word Problems That I Can't Solve (Include Steps Please)

A wrestler is put on a diet to gain 25 pounds in six weeks. The wrestler gains 6&1/2 pounds during the first two weeks and 4&3/4 pounds during the second two weeks. How many pounds must... more


Christopher washed 13 of the dishes and his sister washed 14 of the dishes. What fraction of the dishes did they wash?

Christopher washed  of the dishes and his sister washed  of the dishes. What fraction of the dishes did they wash?


4 times as much as 1 third of 8

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