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Biggest Punctuation?

Which punctuation is the biggest deal when writing/reading sentence structures?


What are the best Test prep books out there for the TOEFL?

Toefl Esl/esol


How do you know when to use "a" and when to use "an" while speaking?

Usually words beginning with a consonant are paired with "a" while words beginning with a vowel are paired with "an". But there are exceptions like "an hour" or "a URL" that do not follow the rule.... more


Wyzant Does Not Allow Me To Apply for Qualified Jobs

To Whom It May Concern,My name is Donovan M. I am approved by Wyzant to teach online as well as by traveling. I am approved in Spanish, Geography, U.S. History, TOEFL, and Algebra 1.I recently... more
Toefl Ielts


How can I Improve my writing score on the IELTS/TOEFL test?


How much will tutoring actually cost me?

What is the cost and benefit of having a tutor?


What is the best study schedule for a big upcoming test?

How do I prepare for an upcoming test?


Do I really need a tutor?

Are tutors worth the money?
Toefl English Ielts


How do I improve my score on the TOEF iBT or IELTS?



Can someone help me with this question? Each pinpoint needs to go to each category.

+) Prebiotic chemicals exist in comets.+) Bright stars emit a lot of ultraviolet radiation+) Distances in interstellar space are huge+) Comets are made up of water and other material+) Interstellar... more


What is there to know about the new TOEFL?

When is "seems to be" used instead of "seems"?

1. The baby seems happy/comfortable. 2. The baby seems to be happy/comfortable.Are these both correct? If both are correct, what are the differences between them?


Which pronunciation of 'either' is preferred?

I pronounce 'ei' in 'either' like in German (so, like 'I' in English). This is natural for me.But I've heard people pronouncing it as 'eee', so which version is correct? Or maybe both are correct?


Its and "it's" - how to remember?

What is a good mnemonic rule that an English learner can use to remember the difference between **its** (possessive adjective: *a team has started its lunch*) and **it's** (verb: *it's raining*)?

My boss was furious with me and I have been fired vs. "My boss was furious with me and I was fired"?

I have a question and I hope you can help me. I've been learning English for many years but I'm still struggling with the difference between simple past and present perfect.For example this... more
Toefl Prepositions


You must wear a suit TO an interview vs "You must wear a suit FOR an interview"?

In the sentence-> You must wear a suit to an interviewshouldn't the **to** be replaced by **for**? Or what's the difference between these two here?


Is there a general rule for Verb + Preposition/Particle idioms, such as "come across"?

Composite verbs are giving me a lot of trouble. In German the syntax is simple; if the composite verb has the moving part, it goes to the end. But in English I've found many forms and I'm not sure... more


I wish to speak WITH a British accent' or 'I wish to speak IN a British accent' - is there a difference?

> I wish to speak **with** a British accent?What is the impact of using **in** instead of **with** in the above sentence?


Is there a rule that prohibits us from using 2 possessives in a row?

An English teacher made a comment on my usage of the phrase, "Our last week's meeting", saying that it should be, "last week's meeting", is there a rule for this?


Michael is a New Zealander or Michael is New Zealander? Article before nationalities?

Do I have to say "Michael is a New Zealander" or can I leave out the indefinite article "a"?
Toefl Toefl Test


How long should I take to prepare for the Toefl Test and what does it cover?

The Toefl Test is an English proficiency exam that is given in a controlled setting on a computer. It tests your Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills at an academic level. The Toefl Test... more


What do I need to know before I register?



What are TOEFL test scores like?



How soon do score recipients get my scores?

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