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GRE quantitative question

Why / how are these quantities not equal?Question: which Quantity is greater; answer -- Quantity B is greater.A: n*m / m-nB: pThe following equation is provided: 1/n - 1/m = 1/pI isolated p such... more
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GRE practice question

If one-half of a number is 2 more that one-third of the number, what is the number?(a) 2 (b) 6 (c) 12 (d) 20 (e) 24
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GRE practice question

when 2/5 of a certin number is added to the number and the sum is subtracted from 108, the result is the orginal number. What is the orginal number.(a) 35 (b) 45 (c) 54 (d) 135/2 (e) 270
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Population word problem

In 1984, the populations of 1,210 different towns were all different than their populations in 1980. The number of populations that were greater in 1984 than in 1980 was 20% greater than the number... more
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Consider taking balls from a box without replacement.

The probability of getting a red ball in the first draw is 5/8; the probability of not getting a red ball at the first draw but a red ball at the second draw is 2/3. What’s the probability of... more
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This is a GRE math problem

Set A has n different numbers, Set A has exactly 6 subsets that have 2 numbers. What's the value of n?
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How many different 5-digit positive integers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 if none of the digits can occur more than once in the integer?

Why do you have to use permutation for this question and not combination? I don't understand why the order would matter
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A manager is forming a 6 person team to work on a certain project. From the 11 candidates available the manager has already chosen 3. In selecting the other 3 how many different combinations of 3... more

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