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GRE Math Subject Test?

I am studying for GRE Math. I am looking for specific tips. What types of questions usually come up? Does anyone know any tricks (e.g. integration tricks) that might be helpful? Which theorems are... more


Are GRE scores accepted for law school J.D. program applications?

Are both GRE and TOEFL a must for a PhD program in the US? Or only TOEFL will suffice?

I have completed my masters in English Literature from India and now want to do my PhD from the US. Should I take both the tests, i.e. TOEFL and GRE? Or only TOEFL will be enough? And if I need to... more

GRE General Test Math Practice Questions?

I am participating in the General Test next month. Can anyone please tell me of good source where I can get a lot of practice questions? Better if free! If anyone else is preparing as well, what... more

which one have more importance to US PhD program? TOEFL and GRE or publication records?

I have got my BS and master both with honor with good GPAs. But Now I want to know which of these have more importance to US PhD program in Computer engineering. TOEFL and GRE or publication... more

What does it take to get a job at a top 50 math program in the U.S.?

I'm a senior undergrad right at a small liberal arts college right now who is applying to math PhD programs in the U.S. I would like to eventually become a professor at a relatively good university... more


Can I use a calculator on the test?

Math GRE: Calculus Textbooks - is Spivak + Stewart + Rudin sufficient?

Recently, I splurged and spent $1000 in math textbooks in preparation for the Mathematics GRE subject test. So far, in terms of calculus books, I have purchased Spivak, Stewart, and Baby Rudin.... more


When and how should I choose universities which will get my exam scores?

I'm going to apply for a graduate programs (PhD) that require TOEFL, GRE General and GRE Subject tests. Since deadlines for most programs in USA or Europe are somewhere in December-January and two... more

GRE Mathematics Practice Exams?

I will be taking the subject test in the near future. Can you recommend me some sources (online or print) from which I can find realistic practice exams? I would like to get my hands on as many... more


GRE General - How to get faster at basic math?

Gre Gre Exam


Which classes do you recommend for the GRE math subject test?

Gre Reading


Disagreement with my English teacher on a GRE reading comprehension question...would like your opinion?

I've come across a question where me and my teacher disagree on what is the correct answer for a GRE reading comprehension question.First, here is the passage:>...Before feminist literary... more

GRE Permutation and geometry question?

How many heptagons can be drawn by joining the vertices of a polygon with 10 sides?
Gre Geometry


Geometry, GRE problem?

Smallest distance from a point P to any point on the circle C is 5 and the largest distance from the the point P to the circle is C is 11 . If point P is situated outside the circle C, then what is... more


Percentage evaulation Queestion from GRE?

A question from GRE book says: A candidate who gets 30 percent marks in an examination fails by 30 marks,but another candidate who gets 42 percent marks get 42 more marks than necessary for... more
Gre Geometry


GRE polygon question?

A polygon has 20 diagonals. How many sides does it have?


What are some must-know GRE tips?

Gre Reading


GRE reading comprehension?

The following passage is given:>Recently an unusually high number of dolphinshave been found dead of infectious diseases, andmost of these had abnormally high tissueconcentrations of certain... more

Help me focus my study for the GRE math subject exam?

I'm preparing for the GRE Math Subject test, but I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, having never taken an algebra class or a probability class. Obviously I'm not going to learn a semester of abstract... more

Do admissions care how close a TOEFL score is to the minimum?

I work with some students who will attend graduate school in the US. The schools they are applying for list minimum required TOEFL scores. Some have just reached the minimum scores required for... more


What don’t they tell you about GRE tests?



problem GRE combination

The letter of the word LABOUR are permuted in all possible ways and the words thus formed are arranged as in a dictionary. What is the rank of the word LABOUR? I don't know about right answer, but... more

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