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What happens if my TOEFL score is only 2-3 points lower than the minimum?

I will apply a bachelors programme. Deadline is very close and my scores will be announced one day before the deadline. My TOEFL score is probably 2-3 points lower than the required score. I have... more
Graduate Admissions Toefl Language Exams


To which department code should I send my TOEFL score?

I'm thinking about applying for some US physics graduate programs. In the graduate admission procedure about where to send the TOEFL scores, I've often read the sentence "use the institution code... more
Graduate Admissions Toefl Language Exams


How very high reading/listening but low speaking/writing TOEFL scores are usually judged on graduate admission?

Can you please let me know how following TOEFL scores are usually judged on graduate (mainly master) admission if a) minimum requirement is 100 and b) minimum total requirement is 80 and minimum... more
Graduate Admissions Toefl Language Exams Deadlines


Can I submit an unofficial TOEFL score report if the official one won't be received by the university before the deadline?

It's been 8 days since my TOEFL scores were sent to me by ETS and I chose for them to be sent directly to the university I am applying. However, the official score reports won't be sent there... more
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Can I use the sealed TOEFL score report I receive from ETS as an official score report?

ETS sends a score report to me after each TOEFL exam in a sealed envelope. And since I already have online access to my scores, I would like to know if I can use the sealed score report as an... more


How to deal with Educational Testing Service (ETS) inefficiency and awful post-exam service?

I took the TOEFL test more than three months ago (outside US). Well before my deadlines. But I haven't received the paper scores yet and I shall mail them to the admission committees as an... more


Are TOEFL requirements waived for foreigners with US bachelors degrees?

I notice that perhaps most US graduate programs require non-native English speakers to get a certain mark on the TOEFL. Is this requirement typically waived for students who completed their... more
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Can a student be admitted to masters programme even if his/her English level is lower than the minimum requirements?

Recently, I just won a scholarship from my government for pursuing a master's degree in some Canadian universities. I checked the minimum requirements for the English level and I noticed that... more
Graduate Admissions Language Toefl


Why are language test scores requirements sometimes higher for undergraduate than graduate admission?

I’ve been searching for the graduate requirements of some university. As regards the language test scores, TOEFL>90 or IELTS>7 are necessary. However, I stumbled upon undergraduate... more
Graduate Admissions Gre Toefl


When and how should I choose universities which will get my exam scores?

I'm going to apply for a graduate programs (PhD) that require TOEFL, GRE General and GRE Subject tests. Since deadlines for most programs in USA or Europe are somewhere in December-January and two... more
Graduate Admissions Toefl Language Exams


I have sit the TOEFL iBT for several times, Which one can I post: my most recent score or my best score?

I know that it's possible to pass the TOEFL iBT several times. However, it has been one hour since I looked for the answer on the web, but I don't manage to know if all the scores are sent to the... more


Do international students need to take the SAT and TOEFL to study in the US?

I am from Colombia and would like to do grad school in the United States. It seems in order to study I need to take the SAT and TOEFL exams? Is this correct or does it depend on the university?
Graduate Admissions Toefl Language Exams


How graduate admission committees choose between TOEFL scores?

I recently took the TOEFL test and my score didn't satisfy me, even the result is above the minimum requirement for almost all universities. If I will retake the test and send my new score for... more
Graduate Admissions Gre Toefl Language Exams


Do admissions care how close a TOEFL score is to the minimum?

I work with some students who will attend graduate school in the US. The schools they are applying for list minimum required TOEFL scores. Some have just reached the minimum scores required for... more
Graduate Admissions Gre Toefl


How will the graduate committee regard two different TOEFL or GRE scores sent to them?

Suppose a student gets two GRE and toefl scores and he can't decide which scores are more suitable for sending, so he sent all of them anyway. The students may want to decide recipients of their... more
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How likely is it that PhD application is not reviewed by professors if TOEFL minimum isn't met?

I am applying to doctoral programs and I have a worry about the application. Since I found that my TOEFL score does not meet the minimal requirement set by a school that I am applying to, I am... more
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Do I need to send two official copies of toefl/gre scores to a US school?

I'm applying two programs in different departments in one university simultaneously. One department has a department code and the other has not. Do I need to send two official copies of toefl/gre... more
Graduate Admissions Toefl United States


Do I have to sit again for TOEFL?

I want to apply for (top) US Phd programs until this December for being potentially admitted in September 2019. This personal information is relevant to my question: - Bachelors in non... more
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TOEFL or IELTS - Which is more likely to be substituted for the other?

English is sadly my only language even though my parents and majority of my relatives are bilingual, and I completed my bachelor's and master's in a university where the medium of instruction is... more
Graduate Admissions Gre Toefl United States


Are there US universities that do not need GRE and TOEFL score for admission in PhD in Mathematics?

I have completed my Bachelor's degree (3 years) in Mathematics and pursuing MSc(2 years). Currently I am in final year and expect to obtain MSc degree in next May. I am willing to do my PhD (in... more
Graduate Admissions Gre Toefl Graduate School


Exemptions to taking IELTS/TOEFL/Regular GRE?

I haven't read up on IELTS/TOEFL, and I don't want to waste time on that if I don't have to. As far as I know, they are testing your fluency in English. Generally: Is a significant amount of north... more

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