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Mechanical Engineering Calculus


Find the complex potential function for V

Find the complex potential Φ(z) for v.Let v(x, y) = ⌈ 3x2− 3y2⌉ ⌊ −6xy ⌋The answer is Φ(z) = z3I need help to solve it i am not sure of how they got the answer
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Why does folding a piece of paper allow it to hold more weight?

In this video: https://youtu.be/Ra_LM93R-Lk ,why does folding up the sides of the paper to make thicker walls on the bridge make the bridge so much stronger?
Mechanical Engineering


Shear and Moment

Solve for the Shear forces and Moment of each point and Draw its shear and moment diagram.A simply supported beam with a fixed support(A) at left end and roller support(F) at right end. Point A has... more


A chemist prepares a solution of nickel(II) chloride NiCl2  by measuring out 79.2μmol  of nickel(II) chloride into a 400 mL  volumetric flask and filling the flask to the mark with water.

Calculate the concentration in m/molL of the chemist's nickel(II) chloride solution. Round your answer to 3 significant digits.
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Does these violate Newton's third law?

A 50 KG brick is put on a glass table glass. Action force and reaction force are not the same and the glass breaks because a glass's opposing force will never equal the heavier brick. So in... more
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Bisection Method

Suppose you need to find an approximate root of the equation (x*sin(x)) - 1 = 0 by using Bisection method. Show that there is a root in the interval [0, 2]
Mechanical Engineering Science Physics Mechanics


Question on Dynamics. Finding the force

A man of 75kg is standing in the basket of a hot-air balloon. The balloon is rising at 5ms-1 and 4s later it is descending at 3ms-1. Assuming constant acceleration, find the normal contact force of... more
Mechanical Engineering #physics Statics


Finding a tutor

I need a tutor for mechanics to study statics with me before my exam at 2/3/2022Contact please(Online if avilable)
Mechanical Engineering Math Thermodynamics


Isentropic efficiency of a adiabatic compressor

(a) What is the isentropic efficiency of this compressor? Saturated water vapor at 0.3000 MPa enters an adiabatic compressor and exits as steam at 3.000MPa at 450.0 C(b) What is the mass flow rate... more


How to solve this by chain rule?

If z=f(x,y), where x=rcosθ and y=rsinθ, show that∂2z /∂x2+ ∂2z /∂y2= ∂2z/∂r2 + 1/r2. ∂2z/∂θ2 + 1/r . ∂z/∂r
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Partial Derivatives

The ellipsoid 4x2+2y2+z2=16 intersects the planey=2 in an ellipse. Find parametric equations for the tangent line to this ellipse at the point (1,2,2).
Mechanical Engineering


Swap engine hp question

I’m swap a engine from a Heavier car that has 200 hp the car im putting the engine into is 146 pounds lighter how many hp I have now
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How to do that?

The parametric equations for the motion of a charged particle released from rest in electric and magnetic fields at right angles to each other take the forms x=a(θ−sinθ),y=a(1−cosθ). Show that the... more
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Can you solve this?

Mean value theoremSuppose two cars start a race at the same time and end it at the same time. Prove that at some point in time, their speeds were the same.
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How to find the third deriavative of this function using leibniz theorem?

Using leibniz theorem find the third derivative of this following functiony= e2xlnx
Mechanical Engineering Physics Mechanics Spring


Spring Constant & Oscillatory Motion

A 500.0 gram mass is hung from a spring having a spring constant of 50.0 N/m. a) How much does the spring stretch when the mass is at rest and it is not oscillating? This is called the equilibrium... more
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How to solve this math by k(x+h)-k(x)/h this formula?

Consider the piecewise functiong(x)={(1+x)4−1, if x≥0 sin(4x), if x<0.Discover whether g(x) is differentiable at x=0 using the limit definition of the derivative. Without carrying out any... more
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How to solve this one?

Check whether lim(x→−2) f(x) exists or not, where f(x)= {3x+2 , x<−2; x2+3x−1, x≥−2}
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what can a coil spring can be mounted on

Mechanical Engineering Economics


Engineering Economics question - PLEASE HELP ASAP

Art Arfons, a K-State-educated engineer, has made a considerable fortune. He wishes to start a perpetual scholarship for engineering students at K-State. The scholarship will provide a student with... more
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Calculate Steady-State Temperature

A 0.2 m thick plane wall has its temperature on one side maintained at 50oC and has a thermal conductivity of 15 W/m*k. The other side is exposed to air at 30oC with a convection coefficient of 7... more
Mechanical Engineering Science Physics


Physics finding mechanical energy

An object that follows Hooke’s Law is hanging 2 m above the ground with a mass of 1.5 kg and a spring constant of 1.2 N/m. If the object is at rest when stretched 0.25 m, what is its total... more


I am having trouble understanding how I got these wrong on my test. Is there something I am missing with xor?

There are 2 inputs. (A and B) both are connected to an OR Gate and a NAND gate. Those gates are then connected to an XOR gate. my answer for the truth table was A B Y0 0 1 0 1 01 1 11 0 0I'm not... more
Mechanical Engineering


State and explain in detail Grashof's law for a four-bar mechanism.

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