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plz help im crying

n a factory, various metal pieces are forged and then plunged into a cool liquid to quickly cool the metal. Assume you have a cadmium rod, with a specific heat of 0.231 joules per gram degrees... more

manufacturing using rivets

what types of materials can be processes in this way ?the characteristics of the components which are produced (Shape size dimensional tolerance) ?economics of the process ?im not sure how to... more

Gilded Age APUSH

how did a train engineer live during the time glided age? What types of issues might they support/oppose? Could they have had any particular troubles?

Equilibrium of forces

How do we show that a system of forces is equivalent to a wrench?

Equilibrium of a particle

a particle whose weight W rests on a smooth inclined plane under the action of a horizontal force P. The particle can also be kept in equilibrium on the plane by applying a force Q along the plane... more

Equillibrium of forces

Forces X, Y, Z act along the three lines given by the equationsy = 0, z = c; z = 0, x — a; x=0, y — b;prove that pitch of the equivalent wrench isIf the wrench reduces to a single force, shew that... more

Moment of Inertia Parallel axis theorem

Two rods of length a and mass m are joined together at right angle to form a T-squre. Show that MI about center of the T pendulum is (17m*a^2)/12 using parallel axis theorem

Radial and transverse acceleration

A point p describes a curve r= ae^(theta) with a constant angular velocityabout its pole Find the radial and transverse acceleration of point P

circular motion question

A 67 gram coin sits on a horizontally rotating turntable. The turntable makes 1.7 revolution each second. The coin is located 10 cm from the axis of rotation of the turntable. The coin will slide... more

friction question

A car is traveling at 25 m/s along a horizontal road. The coefficients of friction between the road and the tires are us=0.95 uk=0.34.Calculate the distance the car travel before stopping if the... more

physics circular motion

A 99 gram coin sits on a horizontally rotating turntable. The turntable makes 1.2 revolution each second. The coin is located 10 cm from the axis of rotation of the turntable. The coin will slide... more

Volume & principal moments of inertia

I want to find the principal moments of inertia of a parallelepiped.What is the volume of the parallelepiped with sides a,2a and 2a

Moment of Inertia

So I have had these questions confusing me for some time and tried googling but came up with long , hard-to-understand equations and notations and articles. So I would be glad if someone could... more

How does regenerative breaking work in ac 3 phase motors?

Please explain Regenerative breaking, where an induction motor can be used with a VSD and back feeds power to the VSD? How does is work does the motor act as a generator and create EMF or is it... more

Atoy rocket.. PHYSICS HELP

A toy rocket engine is securely fastened to a large puck that can glide with negligible friction over a horizontal surface, taken as the xy plane. The 3.00-kg puck has a velocity of 1.40î m/s at... more

Coefficient of Static Friction Physics Problem

A box that weighs 50 N is pulled by a force of 10 N. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the ground is 0.5. Describe what will happen to the box? Will it start moving? Will it... more

Moving Elevator Physics Problem

An elevator is suspended by a cable and the elevator weighs 5500 N. The elevator moves upward with an acceleration of 4 m/s2. Find the tension in the supporting cable. * Use 10 m/s2 for the... more

What should be the surface of sphere pin??

Hello. There is one steel rod with the of weight 0.6kg, length 150 mm & width 20mm. And i want to put a hemispherical shaped on top. So how big that hemispherical shape will be? How can i... more

Moment of Inertia

A cheerleader has a batton consisting of light rod of 1m and an point mass of 1/2kg at each end.Find the moment of inertia about1.an axis perpendicular to the rod and passing through the... more

How to answer questions involving pulleys?

A small ball,P, of mass 0.8kg is held at rest on a smooth horizontal table and is attached to one end of a thin rope. The rope passes over a pulley that is fixed at the edge of the table. The other... more

Integral of Flow Rate

Please Help me to find anti-derivative of system. water that fills the tank, with the flow rate is known, and flow rate outthere is a flowing water with flow rate Qin = 1.5x10^-3 m^3/s that fills... more

Moment of Inertia

How do we compute the moment of inertia matrix of a thin square plate of mass M with sides of size a?

Find the angular acceleration of the rod.

A light rod of length a can turn freely about the end A which is fixed, and the other end B is attached to a particle of mass m. The end B is joined by a string of length a to a small ring C of... more
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