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Book recommendations: What social/political structures are humans inclined to form?

This may fall under the scope of Anthropology, but here goes: I'm looking for a book which explores the question: What social/ political structures are humans naturally inclined to form? 1. What... more

Very good linear algebra book.?

I plan to self-study linear algebra this summer. I am sorta already familiar with vectors, vector spaces and subspaces and I am really interested in everything about matrices (diagonalization,... more

What is the origin of the Continental vs. Analytic divide?

There's been much ado about the divisiveness between Heidegger and Husserl fans on the one side, with Frege and Russell stalwarts on the other. I'm mostly amused by accounts of name-calling between... more

What are some criticisms of Epicurus' "death is nothing to us"?

Epicurus famously asserted that death should not be feared, with roughly the following argument: 1. When we die, we no longer exist; 2. Since we no longer exist, we can feel neither pain nor... more

Why should lines be avoided in tables?

I read some books about typography and design. They all recommended to avoid lines in tables, and instead to make use of spacing. I found that reasonable and adhered henceforth to those... more

What kind of data is best shown in a rose diagram?

I am looking for some geological data where presenting it in a rose diagram is desirable. I don't really know what kind of data is suitable. Any suggestion of data —preferably from the field of... more

What are some good books that introduce aesthetics?

I'm an aspiring composer and painter, and I think it's really interesting how artists and philosophers have worked towards understanding art. My first question is whether or not aesthetics is... more

The 'Economic Man' (Reference Request)?

We are writing a paper about the 'economic man.' By this, we mean that the choices he makes epitomize a rational economic thinker. However, we also acknowledge the fact that there are other,... more

How does one know one is not dreaming?

How does one know one is not dreaming? How could one logically demonstrate to a skeptic that one is "really" there, awake and not just dreaming the entire situation/world around him? Specifically... more

Country records about criminal recidivism rates?

I find myself doing a work on criminal psychology, I understood that recidivism rates were registered by government agencies although it seems not to be that way (some projects were famous in the... more

GRE General Test Math Practice Questions?

I am participating in the General Test next month. Can anyone please tell me of good source where I can get a lot of practice questions? Better if free! If anyone else is preparing as well, what... more

What are the major branches of philosophy?

Math GRE: Calculus Textbooks - is Spivak + Stewart + Rudin sufficient?

Recently, I splurged and spent $1000 in math textbooks in preparation for the Mathematics GRE subject test. So far, in terms of calculus books, I have purchased Spivak, Stewart, and Baby Rudin.... more

Is profit margin the same as net profit margin?

I'm quite confused by these two terms because different websites define them differently.

GRE Mathematics Practice Exams?

I will be taking the subject test in the near future. Can you recommend me some sources (online or print) from which I can find realistic practice exams? I would like to get my hands on as many... more

Correlations with alien abduction experiences?

I cannot find statistics about how many supposed alien "UFO abductees" have sleep paralysis. I can't find statistics about how many alien abductees were hypnotized before concluding that they... more

Does all art have a sentiment?

It occurred to me that when e.g. reading poetry, I attach a lot of significance to a kind of sentiment. It seems independent of how genteel the work is.I am interested in finding a way of thinking... more

Did the Ancient Greek Philosophers actually believe in their Gods and Myths?

Is there any historical proof that shows what attitude the Ancient Greeks, specially the philosophers, had towards their Gods?

recommending books for GRE math subject test?

I wonder if anyone could recommend some books (other than Princeton Review) to prepare for the GRE math subject exam. I've heard that the REA books have lots of typos, though it has 6 practice... more

Any major theory/model that considers return due to idiosyncratic risk?

Are there any classical, major theories/models that consider positive return due to idiosyncratic risk? For example, CAPM only considers return due to systemic risk but not idiosyncratic risk. If... more

Mathematical Micro/Macro Economics Textbook Recommendation?

I was formerly an economics major and now also majoring in mathematics.I want a textbook that is rigorously based on mathematics; not just using mathematcis whenever the author wants, but in a more... more

How to get started with philosophy without getting overwhelmed quickly?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find how to get started with philosophy but I can’t. It seems that getting started with computer programming is nothing in comparison - with computer programming... more

Multivariable Calculus for GRE?

This is going to sound strange, but I am a third year math major who never took multivariable calculus (despite having taken courses on Galois and Lebesgue theory, etc). I plan to take the GRE next... more

Is profit margin the same as net profit margin?

I'm quite confused by these two terms because different websites define them differently.

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