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Divisiblilty & Prime Problems [GRE]?

If j is divisible by 12 and 10, is j divisible by 24? Answer by either saying yes, no, or Can't be determined. First I found the prime factors of both numbers (10: 5 * 2 and 12 : 3*2*2). Then I... more


what would be the best books for preparing vocabs??

i want to get familiar with maximum amount of words.which material i should opt for??i am planning to appear for gre in november 2016 and toefl in sept end 2016.


when should anyone start preparing gre

confusion about the above query


perimeter of triangle=48,and one side 14 units.if sides are integer then wha is the smaller length of other two sides

explain in detail sir and short trick for GRE


distance and possible coordinates

Point B has coordinates -4, 3. The y coordinate of point A is 8. The distance between point A and B is 13 units. What are the possible coordinates of point A?


a-b= -(a-b)

Given       a-b= -(a-b) which statement is true   a is greater b is greater a and b are equal not enough information   I know that the answer is C both a and b are equal, but I do not... more

Why would a person would get sick from studying for a test? What are strategies that alieve testing sickness?

What would cause this? I understand that stress can cause one to get sick on test day or after test and am used to that, but have never experience this in studying for any other test included... more


When should you start GRE prep?

Curious when you suggest you start the GRE - how many months in advance?

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