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Rate of reaction / sec 5 chemistry experience

Among these three reactions-CaCO3+HCl-CaCO3+citric acid-CaCO3+CH3COOHWhich one has the biggest/smallest rate of reaction and why?

I don't understand this chem homework

If the vapor pressure of water at 2.8 degrees C is 11.574 mm of Hg, and the pressure of a gas collected over water is 781.2 torr, what is the pressure of the gas only (dry)?

Chemistry homework

The atmospheric pressure recorded was 29.08 in Hg. What is this pressure in torr?

Need Chem help!!

If the volume of an ideal gas occupies 490.3mL at 18.94 degrees C, what volume will it occupy at 98.36 degrees C?

The first step of the Ostwald process, ammonia is reacted with oxygen gas to produce nitric oxide and water.

What is the maximum mass of H2O that can be produced by combining 61.7 g of each reactant?4NH3(g)+5O2(g)⟶4NO(g)+6H2O(g)

The concept of determining which reactant is limiting and which is in excess is akin to determining the number of sandwiches that can be made from a set number of ingredients.

Assuming that a cheese sandwich consists of 2 slices of bread and 3 slices of cheese, determine the number of whole cheese sandwiches that can be prepared from 32 slices of bread and 45 slices... more

Consider the following reaction.

2Fe2O3(s)+3C(s)heat−−→4Fe(s)+3CO2(g)Calculate the number of grams of Fe2O3 needed to react with 20.0 g C.

Small quantities of oxygen can be prepared in the laboratory by heating potassium chlorate, KClO3(s).

The equation for the reaction is2KClO3⟶2KCl+3O2Calculate how many grams of O2(g) can be produced from heating 19.1 g KClO3(s).

Consider the combustion reaction for octane (C8H18) , which is a primary component of gasoline.

2C8H18+25O2⟶16CO2+18H2OHow many moles of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere when 19.6 g C8H18 is burned?

Finding Work and Value of ΔE?

Calculate the work (w) and ΔEo, in kJ, at 298 K and 1 atm pressure, for the combustion of one mole of C3H8 (g). First write and balance the equation. The products will be CO2 (g) and H2O (g).The... more

Partial and Total Pressure Problem

Mixtures of helium and oxygen are used in scuba diving tanks to help prevent "the bends". For a particular dive, 35.7 L of oxygen gas at 25.0oC and 1.08 atm, and 6.33 L of helium gas at 25.0oC and... more

Chemistry question

How many g of Al(NO3)3 do we get after the reaction of 10,2 g Al2O3 with 200 ml HNO3 solution (3 mol/l)?

Consider the Following equation: Cu + 2 AgNO3 -> Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag How many moles of Ag are produced when 6 moles of Cu react with plenty of AgNO3? Show your work.

all i need is the amount of moles of Ag that is produced when 6 moles of Cu react with plenty of AgNO3.please show all the work in a easy to read way.thanks in advance!

If you have 1.00 mole of each reactant, which will be the limiting reactant? 3Cu + 8HNO3 → 3Cu(NO3)2 + 2NO + 4H2O

All i need is the limiting reactant if each reactant is 1 moles.thanks in advance!

How many grams of CaCl2 are produced when 7.00 moles of HCl react with excess Ca(NO3)2? Ca(NO3)2 + 2HCl → CaCl2 + 2HNO3

all i need is how many grams of CaCl2 are produced when 7 moles of HCl react with excess Ca(NO3)2thanks in advance!

How many moles of Ca(NO3)2 are needed to produce 6.0 moles of HNO3? Ca(NO3)2 + 2HCl → CaCl2 + 2HNO3

The question asks for how much moles of Ca(NO3)2 are needed to produce 6 moles of HNO3the given is 6 moles.all i need is an answer, thanks in advance!
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