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asked • 05/23/20

GRE VERB READING Multiple choice

Normally, business leaders would welcome such a huge market as that which exists in the area of environment improvement—— it is worth more than 500 billion dollars worldwide. But the terminology and rhetoric of the environment improvement field have so confused and polarized thinking that the implications of such a valuable market are generally overlooked. Despite the huge economic gains shown by virtually every careful study, environmental improvement is generally referred to as a "cost" by most business executives, political figures, and policy makers. Yet, like other industies, environmental improvement responds to a valid demand, and it creates jobs, profits, and positive benefits for citizens. Environmental improvement, according to management expert James Quinn, should be viewed as a market rather than as a cost.

According to the passage, James Quinn disagrees with most policy makes over which of the following issues regarding environmental improvement?

A. Whether it is worth more than 500 billion dollars

B. Whether it should be viewed as a cost rather than as a market

C. Whether it creates positive benefits for citizens

D. Whether it has been subjected to careful study

E. whether its terminology has confused the debate

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