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Do you believe in the visionaries of Medjugorje? What do you think they saw on the mountain?

There is a lot of conspiracy about these events that have lasted for 30 years. What do you think that the visionaries are experiencing? I am just curious of what educated professionals think about... more


If you had to summarize the entire Gospel of Matthew in two themes, what would they be and how do they relate to your life?

READING:Matthew 21:20-25:46 Can find the reading on bible getaway


Historical thinking

How could a chronology of prehistory and the basics of cosmology be explained to a audience that lived during biblical times?


A Bible Study- "Scriptually, what does it REALLY mean to be 'Born Again'?

What does it SCRIPTUALLY mean to be born again(of water AND spirit), and in what part of the scriptures did this come to pass for NT Believers?


What was there before the "Big Bang"? If there is a god what was there before a god? Why?

What was there before the "Big Bang"? If there is a god what was there before a god? Why?Help me with these Q's


Which miracle has the most evidence?


Noah's Disobedience

After disembarking, Noah and his wife, their three sons and their wives were all commanded to, "Be fruitful, multiply, increase in number and fill the Earth with sons and daughters." — Genesis... more


Why do people live so long in the Bible?

1. How come they live so long in the bible? 2.


Where is purgatory mentioned in the Holy Bible?


Joseph’s Death (step-dad of Jesus)

I just realised that Joseph isn’t mentioned after the birth story in all the gospels. Someone told me that theologians believe he died. This actually made me really sad?? Jesus is even more the... more


Is Jesus in Joshua ( OT) ?

Is this Jesus that Joshua is talking too or whom he he sees ? The reason is because any other time in the Bible when a person bows downs to an angel it is told to stop or not to for they are not... more


What's a food named after a person?


Who Wrote the Bible?


Are humans considered animals according to the Bible?

I know humans were made in God's image, but are we according to the Bible considered as animals since we have the same needs as everyting else? What would make us different than the rest? I know... more
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