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What metaphor did Dr. King incorporate in his "I Have a Dream" speech in order to highlight America's responsibility for slavery?

In his "I Have a Dream" speech, Dr. King refers to inequality in America as a bad check and the Constitution/Decl.of Independence as a promissory note owed to all men - including African... more


diocletians reform

did diocletians reform have a positive or negative impact on the western province of the roman ermpire


Hello. I have an APUSH question:

Could the American people have won their independence without George Washington and the small, professional Continental Army? Why have the myths of the militiamen and the part-time citizen-soldiers... more


Identify two social or political problems described by the workers. Then, describe two Progressive reform efforts that addressed these types of problems.

Progressive Era movements built upon concerns about industrial society and politics during the late 1800s. An excerpt from a declaration made by a group with progressive ideals, the Workingmen's... more


(To what extent) will Trump's plans, the implementation of the zero tolerance policy and the building of a wall between America and Mexico, be effective in combating the MS-13 criminal gang?

For school, I am investigating (to what extent) Donald Trump's plans, implementing zero tolerance policies, and building a wall between America and Mexico will be effective in fighting the MS-13... more


4 main reason for Woodrow Wilson that choose to stay neutral.

4 primary reasons why Woodrow Wilson wanted to keep the United States neutral after the outbreak of World War I?


Discuss the evolution of federal Indian policy during the entire 19th century

Discuss the evolution of federal Indian policy during the entire 19th century. Toward the end of the century the American government decided to adopt a policy that has been described as “Kill the... more


Historians have described Theodore Roosevelt as both a 19th Century man and a 20th Century figure.

Historians have described Theodore Roosevelt as both a 19th Century man and a 20th Century figure. Describe how TR bridges the gap between the two centuries and be sure to include as much about his... more


Major Characteristics of US government in late 1870's and 1880's

 What were the major characteristics of the American government in the late 1870’s and 1880’s? Be sure to include the development of party politics during the period as well as results of the... more


Principles of the constitution

Why do you think the farmers of the constitution wanted a representative democracy rather than direct democracy?


Riddle answers please!!

i have multiple meanings but I am mostly known as a phenomenon that has various different titles. If you're at the right place and right time, you might be able to see me but be sure to stay... more


What Castles were Built between the Years of 500 A.D to 833 A.D?

I haven't been able to find any that were built during this era, if there are no castle where did the kings or nobles live.


What was happening in Philipsburg, Montana in 1876?

I'm struggling to find much information online about Philipsburg, Montana's population in 1876. Since I believe in 1876 mining was expected to ramp up in the area, the population may have been... more
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