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In George Washington's "Farewell Address," what are three of the instructions that Washington gives to the American people?I've read the "Farewell Address" many times, but I really don't know how... more

Why was there a list of Forbidden books?

Why was there a list of Forbidden books?Counter Reformation

Why did King Henry VIII separate the Church of England from the Catholic Church?

Why did King Henry VIII separate the Church of England from the Catholic Church?
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Which two sentences from the story best support the idea that Olly is not useful to Pops?

The story is Ted's Champion"

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Currently the Canadian Federal government is a ______________________ government. The Prime Minister of our Country is ______________________________________ he represents the __________________... more

Caricature analysis?

I don't understand this picture. Please explain what this picture is intended to say.I was writing a DBQ and the prompt wasEvaluate the extent to which nationalism influenced the relationship... more
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Main points for a Presentation about Mummies

I need two main points about a given subject, I chose Mummies. I have one point , which was There are different types of mummies. Natural preserved mummies and mummies preserved by humansMuch... more

the great compromise

The Great Compromise was a combination of the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan. In regards to representation what elements of each plan was used in the Great Compromise? Explain how is this... more


The best way to describe Chief joseph the elder's attitude toward the United states government would be...

This is a multiple choice a. an advocate for neutrality b. an advocate for warc. an advocate of peace d. an advocate for supporting the enemies of the Unites States

sharecropping and reconstruction

I am having trouble explaining sharecropping in a way that relates to the thesis.the question is:Explain Sharecropping in reconstruction and how it relates to and proves the thesis: The... more


How many US Senators are there?

About the The Constitution.

Identify the views expressed by large and small states at the Constitutional Convention about how representation should be determined in the legislature.  Explain the impact that the Great... more


Was secession inevitable?

Does the author of Mark knows that Jesus was the son of God?

The third century Gospel of Mark does not have the words "The son of God". Unfortunately, the scribes of the Gospel of Mark have allowed themselves to manipulate the Biblical text as they wished.... more
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Does the author of the Gospel of John wrote the first 11 verses of chapter 8?

The Gospel of John chapter 8:1-11 NIV1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. 2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach... more

Does the author of the Gospel of Mark wrote the last 12 verses?

The last 12 verses of the Gospel of Mark (16:9-20 NIV}: 9 When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons. 10 She... more

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What factors have contributed to the development of languages, such as English?
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The Steam Engine

The idea of using steam for driving stationary machinery originated in the early centuries. For a long time, no one seemed to have thought of using steam for transportation purposes. In the earlier... more

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