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Trigonometric Functions

A kite with a 168 foot string makes a 68 angle above the ground. what is the height of the kite above the ground to the nearest foot?

help solve trig function interval [0,2pi)


the height of the building

In order to estimate the height of a building, two students stand at a certain distance from the building at street level. From this point, they find the angle of elevation from the street to the... more

what is the distance from a to b?

Points A and B are on opposite sides of a lake. Point C is 81 meters from A. The measure of angle BAC is determined to be 102°, and the measure of angle ACB is determined to be 49°. What is the... more

what is the altitude of the climber?

Two search teams spot a stranded climber on a mountain. The first search team is 0.5 miles from the second search team, and both teams are on the same side of the mountain at an altitude of 1 mile.... more

What is the ordered pair?

If z=64, then the value of z^(1/6) when k=5 is? [Answer must be in (x,y) form]

Find the distance of the plane from point A and the elevation of the plane.

A pilot is flying over a straight highway. He determines the angles of the depression to two mileposts, 2.3 km apart, to be 26 degrees and 49 degrees. Find the distance of the plane from point A... more


Find the exact value of sin(A-B) if sinA= 5/13 and sinB = 8/17, A and B are between 0 and pi/2


sinu=12/37 sinv=35/37, u and v are between 0, pi/2 find cos(u+v) exactly

Find the exact values of sin(2θ), cos(2θ), and tan(2θ) given sec(θ) = − 13/5 and θ is in the interval [π 2 , π ]

My professor didn't explain this question well in class so I would appreciate if someone could show me how to do it step-by-step. Thank you!

The point P(-4,2) is a point on the terminal arm of an angle theta in standard position

a) state the exact value of cos theta b) calculate theta to the nearest degree

Half-Angle Formulas

Simplify for x in the third quadrant:(sin x/2-cos x/2)^2

Double Angle Formulas

Simplify:tan x sin 2x

Solve the equation for solutions over the interval [0,360) degress

cot theta + 4 csc theta = 6 what is the solution set { }

Solve the equation for solutions over the interval [0,360) degrees.

Cot theta + 4 csc theta = 5 what is the solution set { }

Solve the question for exact solutions in the interval [0,360) degrees. Use an algebraic method

9sec^2 theta tan theta = 12 tan theta what is the solution set{ }

Trigonometry question

E(t) = 624 sin (2pi/365 t) + 8736what is the first day after the autumn equinox that the solar panel generates 8400 kJ?
1 3 4 5 6 7 127

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