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When do we use “k” versus “ck” at the end of a word?

We know that “ck” and “k” make the same sound so how do we know which one to use at the end of a word?

Why is my child dyslexic?

Do you wonder if your child is dyslexic or has ADHD?


Can most children with dyslexia succeed in school?

Dyslexia Adhd


What are some symptoms of a learning disorder?

Dyslexia Adhd


What is a learning disorder?

Dyslexia Adhd


Who ate famous people with dyslexia?



Does your child have a phonemic awareness difficulties? It could be dyslexia!

What is the first thing to do when a person cannot read a word?

The answer to this question helps not only pronounce a word correctly, but aids in spelling, helps determine which part-of-speech that specific word is, and assists in figuring the meaning of the... more

What EXACT materials can I use to teach my early reader at home?

These materials are designed for early readers up to “chapter book readers.” Because students learn to read on different timelines, please avoid using grades or age levels as ways to identify the... more

How can I help a struggling early reader at HOME?

Parents and caregivers, if you are reading this message you have reached desperation when it comes to supporting your Struggling Reader. It will be okay, I promise!I am a special educator, trained... more

What kind of assessment do educators do before before beginning private tutoring of a student?

Various ages, abilities and disabilities and subject matter call for flexibility in tutoring, what are some tools a tutor might use to make an effective assessment and know they are going to work... more


What are the keys to teaching struggling readers?

Struggling readers need systematic, direct instruction in the area of phonics. Phonemic awareness is imperative for developing highly skilled fluent readers. Early intervention is essential for... more


Why is Learning Phonics Important?

Phonics is one of the stepping stones for students of all ages and levels to improve their reading comprehension. It's also a great aid in spelling.

What is an ARD?

A special meeting used in public schools that is conducted annually to evaluate and plan for an educational program for all students with certain deficits.


What is an onomatopoeia?

Knowledge of onomatopoeia is for reading, phonics, writing, letter recognition.
Dyslexia Sight Words


How do you effectively teach sight words to students with Dyslexia?


What things should I look for in choosing a tutor for my son?

Sometimes a parent has a hard time in choosing the right tutor for their child from a list of possibilities. There are several qualities I believe should be taken in consideration.


Why is "color coding" useful when working with students with disabilities?

Color coding, specifically tutor outlining self-drawn boxes on a piece of paper, helps both the teacher and the student organize information according to the beginning, middle and end of an... more


What is a multisensory approach when helping a student with dyslexia?

When working with students with dyslexia, there are various ways to address their needs without singling them out from their peers. Whole class activities are excellent ways to address inclusion... more

When you read, do the letters move?

Look at the letters and tell me if they are moving. If so we need to try another method of learning to read.


Payment for special education tutoring using HSA

We have been using Wyzant for almost 4 years now for our son's Dyslexia tutoring. Health Savings Account (HSA) and IRS rules allow for payment of special education tutoring via the HSA card. He... more

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