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Please help me with this case study

 J.M. tells you he becomes exhausted and has shortness of breath climbing the stairs to his bedroom and has to lie down and rest (“put my feet up”) at least an hour twice a day. He has been... more
Nursing Physiology


Part 1: What are the steps of primary hemostasis?

This is a 4 part video series (combined run total of 16 min 12 seconds). If you are a visual learner and would like more clarity on hemostasis, this a video you want to watch.
Nursing Pharmacology


Shortcut: Pounds to Kilograms

This video demonstrates how to convert pounds to kilograms without a calculator.
Nursing Pharmacology


Dosage Calculation: Weight-Based Problem

A physician orders Dobutamine 4 mcg/kg/min IV infusion. The patient weighs 198 lb. You are supplied with a bag of Dobutamine that reads 250mg/250 ml. How many mL/hr will you administer?

Please help me with this case study

An 80 year old woman is living in LTC. Hx of hypertension, had a recent fall and had a total hip replacement. Postoperative pain is high, therefore she was discharged with a prescription for... more

Please help me answer this case study

An 80 year old woman is living in LTC. Hx of hypertension, had a recent fall and had a total hip replacement. Postoperative pain is high, therefore she was discharged with a prescription for... more
Nursing First Aid Ems Scuba


Save a scuba diver

You're working in the ED when EMS brings you a patient who had been scuba diving that day. They report that they had run out of air and had to make an emergency surfacing and that they were diving... more


What should you assess before giving Nitroglycerin to your chest pain patient?

You get a 42-year-old male patient from the ED who has presented with chest pain. The doctor has prescribed nitroglycerin sublingual tablets to be given, (0.4mg per 5 minutes up to 3 times). What... more


Which long term blood thinner is the safest?

Which long-term blood thinner is the safest? Patients can be prescribed many different types depending on their needs. Such as Warfarin (Coumadin) for LVADs and heart valves, Eliquis or Xeralto for... more


How do you get vital signs on a patient with an LVAD?

How do you take vital signs on a patient with an LVAD and what parameters should you note down?


Grade Calculator Help

I had 6 tests worth 50%I got 84,80,76,76,76,74I had one exam worth 5%I got 22/30what do I need to get on my final exam worth 25% to maintain at or above 76%And how many questions can I miss?the... more
Nursing Math Science Health


Medical Math Question

What is the most likely value for CaO2, if the hematocrit is 30?A. 16-20 vols%B. 12-16 vols%C. 8-12 vols%D. 4-8 vols%

Need help with microbiology, pharmacology, nursing, or med school admissions?

I'm here to help! I'm new to Wyzant but have years of tutoring experience. I just finished medical school and would love to help you out with science of any level! Let me know if you think we'd be... more


Clinical nursing question

A nurse summons you too assess a 300-pound, one-day post-operative cholecystectomy patient. He has no fever, has no productive cough, and has a negative chest x ray. He is, however, reluctant to... more


paramedicine questions

You are ordered to administer 20mg/min of procainamide, as a loading dose, to a patient with frequent, multifocal pvc's. This drug comes as 1g/1cc. Using dimensional analysis, how would you mix it... more


Chest X Ray Medical Question

A patient is brought to the emergency room following a motor vehicle accident. He was not wearing a seat belt, and has considerable soft-tissue bruising about his anterior chest, where he... more


Pathophysiology Clinical Question about the Brain

A 65-year-old woman presents with a 1-hour history of right-sided weakness and aphasia. An immediate CT scan of the brain is negative.  Where in the brain is the pathology?


Chest X-Ray Question

An RRT is reviewing the PA chest x-ray of 5'11, 280 lb male, who's present with pallor, tachycardia, and diffuse inspiratory crackles/mild wheezing. A working diagnosis of congestive heart failure... more


Anatomy and Physiology Heart and Lung Question

Which of the following will cause the arterial pressure to decrease?A. VasodilatorsB. Cardiac failure C. Severe hypvpolemia D. All of the aboveI think it's all of the above, but I'm not 100% sure


Respiratory System Pulmonary Function Testing Question

An RTT is giving a lecture to the ICU nurses on basic pulmonary function testing. Which of the following points need to made regarding restrictive lung disease?A. It is characterized by reduced... more


What are the effects of a C2 and C3 spinal cord injury?

A 20-year-old man suffered spinal cord injury at the C2 to C3 level as the result of a motorcycle accident.  Explain the effects of this man’s injury on ventilation and communication, sensorimotor... more


Anatomy Respiratory System Question

An 8 month old presents to the emergency room with apparent inspiratory distress. Her father states that she was playing with a bag of small beads and coins. Which of the following adventitious... more


Respiratory System Question

A 74 y/o w/m obese patient is being seen in the emergency department for fever, productive cough, diaphoresis, and exhaustion. He states that symptoms start 2 days ago. He also stated that due to... more


Dosage Calculations

A client with acute decompensated heart failure (HF) is to receive an IV infusion of inamrinone (Inocor) 8 mcg/kg/minute. The available vial of inamrinone is 100 mg/20 mL to be infused in 100 mg... more

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