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Kantrex IM TO be given

A provider order states kantrex 700 mg IV now the kantrex label states to add five mills of sterile water to 1 g of kantrex ; 0.5g=2ml. How many milliliters Should be given


Microbiology Epidemiology

Select the mismatch. point-source epidemic - infectious agents that came from a single source. mortality rate - total number of deaths in a population prevalence of an infection - number of new... more


Nursing Research. What is the best database for nursing research and to look up nursing articles?

I use the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL).It will give you full text articles for nursing journals.


case study Infection

Both Zika and West Nile Infections have been in the news lately. Which of these two are most likely to be a serious problem for New Yorkers? Why? Explain in a well-thought of paragraph. Give... more


Why do we typically think of health only in terms of health care and personal behaviors?

Why do we typically think of health only in terms of health care and personal behaviors? Where are these messages coming from? Who benefits from them?


Please help. Homework questions.

1) Tobacco use tends to be higher among the underprivileged, in turn they spend a larger proportion of their income on tobacco than wealthy households. What is the reason for this? 2) Bans on... more


Question about Blood Types

For my anatomy class, we need to know when to give a theoretical patient whole blood vs packed cells.I am wondering if, for example, a patient had Type A blood, would we give them packed cells or... more


Question about Anatomy and Physiology- Up and Down Receptors

Please explain up-regulation and down-regulation as it applies to receptor sites. Describe how this impacts the system long term and give an example for both up and down.


Dosage Calculation Question for Healthcare Professionals!

1) A healthcare provider has ordered dobutamine 10 mcg/kg/min IV for your 68 YO patient who weighs 172 lb. The dobutamine is available as 1000 mg/250 mL. At what rate will you set the IV infusion... more


Pathophysiology Question for Healthcare Professionals!

John, a 45 year-old male walks into the clinic complaining of persistent angina that started at 1:00 AM in the morning. He is notably diaphoretic but is still ambulatory and alert. He is... more


Genetics Question for TEAS/HESI/HESI A2 Preparation


Dosage Calculation Problem for Healthcare Professionals

37) A 45 YO male weighing 65 kg is to receive tobramycin 2.5 mg/kg/dose IV every 12 hours for a severe infection. Each dose will be administered over 60 minutes. a) How many mg will the patient... more


What are some important features of achalasia?


What is the cause of Trigeminal neuralgia?

Trigeminal Neuralgia (nerve pain)


NCLEX-Style question

A male patient is admitted with anxiousness, agitation, and a history of alcohol abuse. The nurse knows that the priority interaction is which of the following? Administer Ativan (lorazepam) 1 mg... more


3 basic processes that can cause a cough


what is this answer

 thirteen less than twice the sum of a number and six is 47.


Pharmacology math question

You are setting up an isuprel drip for your 45 lb pediatric patient suffering from refractory bronchospasm. The doctor has ordered 0.1 mcg/kg/min. the vial is labeled 1mg/5mL. You have a 250 mL bag... more


Dont Understand Reconstituting Medications Questions

Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate oral suspension bottle instructs you to add 53 mL of water and shake vigorously. This makes 100 mL suspension for a concentration of 200mg per 5mL. Refrigerate after... more


Nursing Diagnosis

Child’s BSA 1.1m2Order: betamethasone 4mg/m2/day PO, divided into 4 doses Available: syrup 0.6 mg/5mlhow many milliliters will you administer per dose?


TFCC tear “suspected” how accurate is my mri?

So i had injured my wrist back in mid August, the orthopedic specialist he said it was a contusion, i was still having some wrist pain still after 3 weeks so he sent me for an MRI, didn't get in... more


AP Research Topics

Hi. I’m stuck on a topic to pick for AP research. I need to find a gap in my research and I can’t seem to find one. I was wondering if anybody can help me find a gap in my research (something that... more
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