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Do Indonesian Muslims bury their dead facing west instead of east?

I know in Islamic tradition Muslims burry their dead facing east towards Mecca. Since Mecca is west of Indonesia, do Indonesian or Malaysian Muslims do the opposite?


Do Satanists believe in Satan? Do they consider Satanism a religion or not?

So I think it was the Church of Satan’s website I read this on. It said that Satanists are atheists and that theistic Satanism is impossible/an oxymoron. Is that true? I know they don’t represent... more


Do the names of persons mentioned in the Bible accord with the style of names otherwise known to be in use during the times described?

For example, in the 42 generations listed in the book of Matthew between David and Joseph, husband of Mary, do the names documented tend to follow the changing style of names one might expect over... more


Do creation and evolution have to be mutually exclusive?

So growing up I learned about creation from my dad and evolution from my mother. Throughout school I learned of both and as I get older and learn more about evolution the more it makes sense to me.... more


Does the Bible say that Rainbows are here to remind us of God's Promise to never Flood Earth Again?

I was told this by a very devout Christian. Is this really in the Flood story?


Does Buddhism Directly Conflict with Christianity

Hi. Thank you. Idk a lot about either.


Does religion distort Gods message?

Suppose there is a god, and he did send his son to earth to die for our sins, or mohammad to spread his word, or enter your subject matter that a religion is based around. Why would he make it so... more


Do Islams pray before a performance?

I am doing a university presentation on Egypt and Islam is Egypt's most common religion. We have to be respectful before we perform and I was wondering if there are any prayers that would be said... more


Chants As Forms of the Divine

SO through my studies, I'm finding that many religions and spiritual belief system hold chants as a method to become closer and align with god/the universe and calm the mind through both the words,... more


Are there any religious symbols (like a dove?) that are shared/recognized between the Abrahamic religions, but not the 'hallmark' of any of them?

I don't necessarily mean purely a symbol or picture of a dove popping up all over places of worship, but more in the vein of it showing up in their scripture or teachings? I hope this question... more


According to the Bible, when did life on Earth begin?


Aquinas: Angels as a Separated Intelligence

Basically, how can an "intellectual substance" exist? Is this basically substance dualism?


Are there multiple versions of the Quran?

Much like how the Bible has multiple versions (KJV, ESV, etc.), does the Quran have different english versions? If so, how are they different? What changes between them? Are some more literal and... more


what do you think makes the history of the Jews distinct?

How did the jews shows their faith in their God?

How did the jews shows their faith in their god

Transcendental Argument for God

I'd like to understand the various forms of this argument and the responses that it has generated.

Were there any wars in ancient Greece where religion played a major part?

From Andrew Roberts’ *Napoleon: A Life*, on the 1803 outbreak of war between Britain and France, after Britain demanded Malta and Napoleon then wanted to know whether this demand was an ultimatum... more


Budhism's view of women and gender roles.

I have to write about Budhism's view of women and gender roles. But I don't know anything about it.


Is this Egyptian Arabic Dialect?

الجواب: إن الفدية هي ما يدفع لتحرير شخص تم أسره. دفع يسوع فديتنا ليحررنا من الخطية والموت والجحيم. نجد في كل من سفر الخروج واللاويين والعدد والتثنية متطلبات وشروط الله للذبيحة المقدمة. في زمن العهد... more

How "religious" was the average person in the Middle Ages?

During Europe in the Middle Ages, how religious was the "average Joe"? Looking at the large scale politics of the time it seems religion was a major part of the elites' lives, with treaties with... more

Was any Medieval state ever "partially" Roman Catholic?

It is my understanding that in most of (if not all) the states in western medieval Europe the Roman Catholic church was the only recognized religious body. I'm looking for an example of a state... more

When did ancient religions start to experience dropping numbers of adherents in Europe?

I am talking about ancient Greek, Roman and Norwegian religions. When did ancient religions start to lose ground to modern religions such as Catholicism in Europe?


values are passed on primarily by familes

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