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What type of fiction is the most common to read?

The common genres of fiction. There are many to choose from.


I need two supporting body paragraphs that support my thesis. Here's my introduction.

A principal at a Scottish school asks a student, "Awright, how come aren't ye sportin' yer kilt?" A boy wearing a skirt seems weird to people but it shouldn't. Boys should be able to wear a skirt... more


Horror Writing Movie

I am writing a horror movie about a girl who ends up in the woods. In the woods, there is an old abandoned town and she must face many scary demons etc. But, WHY would she run into the woods in the... more


Is it difficult to understand sentence structure?

Can you utilize quick and easy tips that allow you to write in a structured format?


Can technical writing suck less?

I currently have the prospect of writing a considerable amount of technical documentation (describing interactions with an extremely complex online service). I consider myself a reasonably... more


Where to find some good examples of combat or action scenes?

I always learn a lot about about writing by reading other works and following their examples. Right now I'm very bad at writing action scenes; the best I can do is write around them, describing the... more


Should I remove scenes that I myself find "boring"?

Sometimes, I find myself writing a scene that does everything I think it should do: reveal details about the protagonist, drive the plot forward, show other elements related to the story, etc.... more


How to show a crying/sad scene without using sentimentalism?

Previously, I had no difficulty in showing a scene like that, and as for me, to show a crying scene I'd write something like "then a teardrop rolled by her cheek". However, I had read an article... more


Is using an 'empty' metaphor considered bad style?

I just had this sentence off my head:> A crown of fire spread through the country consuming everything on its> way.What I mean by empty metaphor is a metaphor that doesn't really have any... more


Where do I start?

Let’s say I’ve created an outline, have explored my characters properly, and have properly broken down each scene to an appropriate level of detail. I know the story, I know the pacing, and I know... more


Why are outlines so essential?

In my writing class, huge emphasis was placed on outlining the entire plot. Yet as I write it, things change dramatically, and I end up not following the outline. Is it bad to just go with the flow?


Introducing the hero first?

In the book I'm writing, the first character I introduce dies before the end of the chapter. She is the girlfriend of my hero and is setting up their date before her untimely end.The hero is also... more


Does the reader need to like the PoV character?

I have the feeling this is already been asked, but I can't seem to find it. Close the question if it comes out as duplicate.There's an issue with novels with a first-person narrator, or a third... more


Are modern authors still using colons and semicolons in dialogue?

Not sure if it's just my idea but I rarely see colons and semicolons in dialogue (especially in modern novels). Is it because they don't simulate normal speech? Because their use is more a... more


How would we write a misogynistic character without offending people?

In a short story I am writing, I have this misogynistic character who keeps saying misogynistic stuff, and I thought it would be a bad idea to give him dialogue lines. I was thinking that, because... more


Any suggestions for a new writer?

I am in no way a writer. It's something I've always wanted to do, but could never build up the courage to actually start. Every time I think about writing, I think about the end result and how I am... more


How do you write 2 or more characters saying almost the same thing in unison?

When 2 or more characters speak in unison you can generally do something like this> "awwwww, she's so cute!" the girls said in unison in near perfect harmonybut what about when the line is only... more


At what point does a POV character noting their surroundings go from showing/telling to an infodump?

In a story I'm working on, at one point one of the main characters (also *the* POV character in this case) arrives at a new location which he has never been in before. This is the first mention of... more


How do I find flaws in a character I'm building?

I have a particular character in my story who I feel is great. He's a retired monster hunter who settled down with his wife for his later years. He's all-around friendly, respectful, empathetic,... more


How can I effectively invent a language?

I want to make a particular language that adapts to the story. And the language has to have x and y and e characteristics for example. Is there a protocol to follow on the process of making a... more


How to start writing a book?

I'm new to writing and I'm still young (preteen young). I want some advice on writing and help. How am I gonna start my book? What is the best way to begin writing a book?


Is it better to describe the main character's physical appearance early on in the story?

I'm writing a novel, and I just realized I don't describe be main character's appearance until Chapter 3 (each chapter is 1500~2000 words long and there are 25 chapters in total).I *do* mention... more


Describing a chess game in a novel?

I have a scene in a upcoming novel where two people play a game of chess, and I realized how difficult it was to describe it. The problem is due to the fact that there are many pieces and you can't... more

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