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Creative Writing


I need help writing a story based on the plot that I have below

You're going through family photos when you start to notice the same person candidly in the background of every single location.
Creative Writing


Creating Your Own Story

Hello, my name is Chris. I'm an author and illustrator. I want to do my own fan art comic book, based off Ghostbusters. This would be for social media and not for profit. Do I still need permission... more
Creative Writing


I need help writing a story with specific words.

I need to use the words: hospitalexperimentbeakerskylinevisualizeinterpretdeferinterfacemattresszapThe story has to be about or involve the main character picking up a hitchhiker.
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A Raisin in the sun eulogy

University of Utah - ENGPSY203 THIS IS THE PLAYYY>:http://azactorsacademy.com/uploads/plays/a_raisin_in_the_sun.pdfPLAY IS CALLED "RAISIN IN THE SUN" IF YOU DID NOT READ IT PLEASE MOVE ONNO... more
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Read the excerpt from E. M. Forster’s famous novel ‘A Passage to India’ and answer the questions that follow: ‘A Passage to India’

Read the excerpt from E. M. Forster’s famous novel ‘A Passage to India’ and answer the questions that follow:‘A Passage to India’Abandoning his bicycle, which fell before a servant could... more
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Read the poem 'I, Too' by Langston Hughes and answer the questions that follow:

Read the poem 'I, Too' by Langston Hughes and answer the questions that follow:'I, Too'I, too, sing America.I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen When company... more
Creative Writing


Create a paragraph using these words.

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Creative Writing Question in 250 words

Describe an issue that you have solved or a problem that you want to solve. It can be an intellectual obstacle, a study question, an ethical dilemma, no matter the scope, something that is of... more
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Write an article about global warming

Hock BodyConclusion Please help me I really need it
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write an article about the global warming in 200 words

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I need a skeleton to how to write an artical

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How Do You Write A Story?

What is the point of writing a story, and what are the key elements you must include? How do you come up with an idea, and how do you develop the idea?
Creative Writing



Creative Writing


can you guys help me write a story using these words.

invisible escapisthorsebackseacarnivoroushatfluidconfident
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How do precision agriculture systems support decision making?

Explain it in brief. in 1 paragraph
Creative Writing


How do I write a compelling, creative, and successful college application essay?

Advice on how to craft an insightful college admissions essay that captures the attention and respect of the admissions committee
Creative Writing


Do over opportunity

describe a sad experience that you wish you could do over (in poem-story like format)
Creative Writing


Can anyone help me to create a paragraph or a story using these phrases verbal please

Take up Come up Look up Get in Bring out Take off Come across Look out Get on Bring over Take down Come by Look through Get across Bring up Take over Come along Look for Get by... more
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How does creative writing support confidence in youth?

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What type of fiction is the most common to read?

The common genres of fiction. There are many to choose from.
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I need two supporting body paragraphs that support my thesis. Here's my introduction.

A principal at a Scottish school asks a student, "Awright, how come aren't ye sportin' yer kilt?" A boy wearing a skirt seems weird to people but it shouldn't. Boys should be able to wear a skirt... more

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