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How to find the common ratio, the common difference and the first four terms of a geometric sequence and a arithmetic sequences, if

The first term of the geometric sequence is 4, while 2 is the first term ofan arithmetic sequence.And, if the common ratio of the geometric sequence equals the common difference of the arithmetic... more


how many moles of iron oxide is required to produce 10 moles of carbon dioxide in the reaction 2Fe2 + c= Fe + 3CO2

how many moles of iron oxide is required to produce 10 moles of carbon dioxide in the reaction 2Fe2O3 + c= Fe + 3CO2
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Rolling Dices and Chances

Suppose two dice (one red, one green) are rolled. Consider the following events. A: the red die shows 4; B: the numbers add to 2; C: at least one of the numbers is 5; and D: the numbers do not add... more
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Finite Math Help

Consider the following. (Assume that the coins are distinguishable and that what is observed are the faces or numbers that face up.)Three coins are tossed; the result is at most one tail.Which of... more
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Ian traveled 2 miles in 20 minutes on his bike. He went the same speed for another hour. How far did he travel during his 1 hour and 20 minute bike ride? 

Can you please put steps because my brain has a hard time understanding when I look at problems and I sometimes miss calculate, skip, or are confused by what steps are for. Sorry!
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Help Solving: A Single Population Mean using the Normal Distribution

You want to obtain a sample to estimate a population mean. Based on previous evidence, you believe the population standard deviation is approximately σ=26.3. You would like to be 99% confident that... more
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How to find the area of the region bounded by the graphs y = x^3 + 2x^2 and the line y=x+1

1) Define the intersection points. (Show how you get the points).2) Shaded the region bounded.3) Evaluate the area (show the calculations).


what is the maximum number of additional accountants that should be hired to meet these plans?

15 people are employed, 20% of whom are typists. If management plans to keep a current number of typists, but to increase the number of accounting staff to the point where 12% of the total stuff... more
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Evaluating the surface integral with the part of a plane inside a cylinder

Question: how to calculate the surface integral of∫xz dσp where p is the part of the plane z+x-5=0 that is inside the cylinder x2+y2=1.Im trying to understand how to do this exercise... I guess... more

Circle question-Precalculus

A small radio transmitter broadcasts in a 23-mile radius. If you drive along a straight line from a city 31 miles north of the transmitter to a second city 32 miles east of the transmitter, during... more


Please Help With Problem

P^4 - 13p^2 + 40 please help with problem


Please Help With Problem

P^2 q - pq^2 - rp^2 q + rpq^2
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MATH HELP, infinite series

serie de n=1 a infinity}(\sqrt{n de)/(n+4)∑sqrt(n)/(n+4)from n = 1 to infinity


MATH HELP, differential equation

Find all solutions of the equation y' + 2y = b(x) , (−∞ < x < +∞)where 1 − |x|, se |x| ≤ 1 b(x) = 0, se |x| > 1


differential equation

Find the general equationy' = y(y2 − x2 − 1) ⁄ x(y2 − x2 + 1)


differential equation

help me with what method I should use to find the general solution, please(3x-y+1)y' = -x+3y+5
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show that lim→(0,0) (|x|^a|x|^b) ⁄ (|x|^c +|x|^d) this does not exist


Differential equation

prove that eax cos(bx) and eax sin(bx) would be linearly independent solutions of the equation d2y/dx2 − (α1 + α2)dy/dx + α1α2y = 0when α1 = a + bi and α2 = a − bi, where b≠0.


Differential equation

2) Consider the differential equationy' − (2 + xexy) = x2(y' − xexy)(a) Find the explicit general solution.(b) Find the particular solution that passes through the point (0, e-1) and the maximal... more


Differential equation

1) Consider x ≠ 0. Solve the differential equation(y6 − 4x6)dx + 3x4y2dy = 0.Determine the particular solution that passes through the point (1, 2).


Initial Value Problem (or IVP)

Find the implicit IVP solution y'(x) = - (ex ⁄ ey+yey)y(0) = 0 What can we say about the existence of the explicit solution? If there is, can we say who it is?

differential equation

Let y≠0 for the differential equation 2ydy ⁄dx = 5 + 2x − 2y2(a) Find the implied general solution.(b) Find the particular solution that passes through the point (0,√5) and the maximum range... more


Grade Calculator Help

I had 6 tests worth 50%I got 84,80,76,76,76,74I had one exam worth 5%I got 22/30what do I need to get on my final exam worth 25% to maintain at or above 76%And how many questions can I miss?the... more

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