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What is the conditional probability that B does not occur given that A does not occur?

The probability of A is 0.25. The conditional probability that A occurs given that B occurs is 0.25. The conditional probability that B occurs given that A occurs is 0.4. (a) What is the... more

Given some zeros of a polynomial function find all zeros of the function

P(x) = 2x^4 - x^3 - 27x^2 + 16x - 80, with zeros: 4, -4


Find the integral?

Evaluate the integral 7/(w^2+3w+3) dw.Here's my work:I've completed the square and came up with this:∫ 7/[(w+3/2)^2+3/4] dw----------------------------------where u=w+3/2 and du=dw.So ∫ 7/(u^2+3/4)... more


Simplify: 2(sin^6(a)+cos^6(a))-3(sin^4(a)+cos^4(a))-sin(2π-a)+1



Suppose A and B give the populations of two states where A > B. Compare the expressions and tell which of the given pair is greater or if the expressions are equal.

b/a+b and 0.5a + 13c and b + 13c, where c is the population of the third statea - b/2 and a - b/2a + b and 2b5(a + b) and (a + b)5


(e^(2x+2)/e^2=4 How to solve

Need help solving this problem. I need to solve for x (e^(2x+2)/e^2=4


AMDM Question (Mathmatics)

Is B correct? I've already taken my first attempt on this assignment, but It said it was wrong. Can someone please let me know? I would greatly appreciate it.A new cars salesperson, sold an average... more


Help with word problem

The James family and the Robinson family each used their sprinklers last summer. The water output rate for the James family sprinkler was 20 L per hour. The water output rate for the Robinson... more


An elevator has a placard stating that the maximum capacity is 2625 lb— 15 passengers.​

So, 15 adult male passengers can have a mean weight of up to 2625 / 15 =175 pounds. If the elevator is loaded with 15 adult male​ passengers, find the probability that it is overloaded because they... more


If Tan^2(t)-Sin^2(t)=Sin^a(t)/Cos^b(t), then the positive power a= ALSO the positive power b=

So, I know the first two stepssin^2(t)/cos^2(t) -sin^2(t)sin^2(t)-sin^2(t)cos^2(t)/(cos^2(t)I have no idea what to do after this? I looked and it said to factor but I have no idea why you factor... more


Binomial Experiment

Consider a binomial experiment with n = 9 trials where the probability of success on a single trial is p = 0.15. (Round your answers to three decimal places.)(a) Find P(r = 0).  (b)... more


Solve the following logarithmic equation

2log(base 3)(x-4)+log(base 3)3=3


Please Please Please Help

The radioactive element​ carbon-14 has a​ half-life of 5750 years. A scientist determined that the bones from a mastodon had lost 76.17​% of their​ carbon-14. How old were the bones at the time... more


I'm having trouble solving this trig problem: 1/1+tan^2x + 1/1+cot^2x = 1..any help?

I tried looking it up, but I can't use any new trig identities for my problem, I can only use: tanx= sinx/cosxsecx=1/cosxcotx=cosx/sinxcscx=1/sinx


Trigonometry problem

Suppose you are solving a trigonometric equation for solutions over the interval [0,2π)​, and your work leads to 2x = 2π/3, 2π, 8π/3. What are the corresponding values of​ x?


what is 5x + 2y = 23 / -4x - y = -19

-4x - y = -19 is supposed to be underneath the 5x + 2y = 23


Can't figure it out

Combine the like terms in the expression:2b2+7m+6b2−5mWrite your answer as an expression.


What is the sum of money?

3/5 of a sum of money is .60c. What is the sum of money?Would this be correct:3/5*x=602/5*x=?3/5*100=602/5*100=4040+60=100?s


Math help please

Sarah Meehan blends coffee for tasti-delight. She needs to prepare 190 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for $3.95 per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a high quality bean... more
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