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Write the expressions for (t + s)(x) and (t - s)(4) and evaluate (t·s) (x)


how many weeks will he have enough saved up to buy it?

Diego is saving up for new shoes for $128. He has $7 saved. If he saves $11 per week, in how many weeks will he have enough saved up to buy it?

Chemistry question

Which ion has the largest radius? (A) CI- (B) F- (C) K+ (D) Ca2+ could you explain which option is the correct answer?

Chemistry question

In which pair of particles is the first member larger than the second member?(A) Li + ; Be2+(B) Li + ; Li(C) Li + ; Na +(D) Be; MgCould you explain which option is the correct answer

calculus question

The manager of a 100-unit apartment complex knows from experience that all units will be occupied if the rent is $500 per month. A market survey suggests that, on average, one additional unit will... more

Can you predict the number of situps a person who watches 7 hours of TV can do (to one decimal place)

A regression was run to determine if there is a relationship between hours of TV watched per day (x) and number of situps a person can do (y).The results of the regression... more

What is the probability that someone chosen at random likes only tea?

34 people were asked whether they liked tea, coffee or both. Twice the number of people who liked tea said they liked coffee. The number of people whop said they liked neither tea nor coffee was... more

Chechk for Lebesgue Measurable Property when a is in R and E is a Subset of R

Question:For a subset E of R and a number a ∈ R, let a+E = {a+e | e ∈ E}. Show that E is measurable if and only if a+E is measurable.My approach:==>Suppose E is L. measurable.Then a+E = a union... more

By what factor do you need to multiply the equation of a circumscribed polygon so that it shrinks into an inscribed polygon.

The factor that is needed to be multiplied can be easily figured out for any given regular polygon, but is there an equation that takes the number of sides and produces a number that when... more

Ligament question

The ligament most likely to push a herniated nucleus pulposus towards an intervertebral foramen is the ___.A. Posterior longitudinal ligamentB. Anterior longitudinal ligamentC. Ligamentum flavumD.... more

Central limit theorem

An unknown distribution has the following parameters: µx = 45 and σ x = 8 . a sample size of 50 is drawn randomly from the population. Find ΣX where z=-2


Break even point

Suppose the cost of producing x units of a product is given by C(x) = 0.1x 2 + 1600 + 18x and the revenue for the sale of x units is given by R(x) = 100x. Determine the smallest number of units... more


elements of physics 101

On aircraft carriers, catapults are used to accelerate jet aircraft to flight speeds in a short distance. One such catapult takes a 17,500-kg jet from 0 to 67 m/s in 2.9 s. (Assume the catapult... more


Flow Rate Calculations

1)     What rate should the nurse set the pump to (mL/hr) to deliver 630 mL of NS intravenously over 4 hours?

Why don't probiotics last/thrive?

If probiotics repopulate the gut, why would one have to keep taking them? Once re-established in the gut biome, they should replicate like all other commensals.I read on 1 website that some strains... more

Lesbegue Measure of a Set Given the Union of a Set is Measurable

Question:Let A ⊆R such that m∗(A) = 0.Show that if A ∪ B ∈ L, then B ∈ L.My approach:We can write B asB = (A ∪ B) ^ (A^(Bc)), where ^ denote intersection.We know that the intersection of two... more


Taylor series and it’s derivation

Hello, could someone help me solve this problem? Show that the Taylor polynomial at x0 has the same derivatives as the underlying function, i.e. 0≤k≤NI already tried to differentiate the series but... more



Carol.Wynne bought a silver tray that originally cost $ 155 and was advertised at 70% off. WHAT WAS THE SALE PRICE OF THE TRAY ?

For values of a and b for which the system is consistent, find its general solution and express your answer in the usual column form.

Consider the system of equations with the following augmented matrix, in which a and b are real numbers. (1 0 2 a^2 3| b) (0 a b 0 1| a) (0 0 0 a 0| b^2-1)(b) For values of a and b for which the... more

Find all values of a and b for which the system is inconsistent.

Consider the system of equations with the following augmented matrix, in which a and b are real numbers. (1 0 2 a^2 3| b) (0 a b 0 1| a) (0 0 0 a 0| b^2-1) (a) Find all values of a and b for which... more


Algebraic Expression

Translate the phrase to an algebraic expression. The absolute value of a, decreased by 6


Size of heptagon

what is diameter and area of heptagon with sides 7 feet long?

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